7 steps to get rid of Stress for MBA student
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7 steps to get rid of Stress for MBA student

7 steps to get rid of Stress for MBA student

Stress in MBA entrance exam-

As the MBA entrance exams are on head the students are in a dilemma of what will happen next. How will be exam, will they be able to clear it, what if they could not get through it or cannot pass through the examination. What will they do after that? These are some of the examples of questions which are running in mind of every candidate who had or have to appear in the entrance exam this year. This is stress the student comes under stress or pressure. This pressure isn’t good for the student as it can affect the performance of a student in the examination so don’t let the stress come up in your mind.

With the pressure to complete prep syllabus within the next three to four months, candidates are bound to feel the heat. You may be a working professional or a final year student or taking a gap year. Irrespective of your current status, aspirants need to take off some heat and focus coolly on preparation.

Stress is eternal. It’s been a part of human psyche since the dawn of homosapien evolution. We can say it has been a part of human psychology since so long.

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Whatever maybe the case, figure out your weaknesses and tweak the time-table accordingly.

4. Mock tests-

There’s just one principle for mock tests. The more the merrier. As you practice, you’ll grow confident and handle your weak points efficiently. It also requires analysing each test thoroughly and re-solve the paper again.

5. Have fun and relax-

It’s okay to take a break. You are a human and humans need to relax. Hang out with friends or at your favourite joints or simply relax. Just don’t stretch it too far.

6. Think positive-

Don’t be bullied by the society or get affected by other’s successes. You are unique. What works for you may not work for others and vice versa. So don’t get trapped in the black hole of guilt.

7. Back-up plan-

MBA is not the end of the world. Have a back-up plan in place. What would you like to do if MBA doesn’t work out for you? Study something else or work or prepare again. Think it through.


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0 # Harikiran Older than three months
Hello, I want to make career in engineering but so confused about its branch, Please suggest me the best branch which would have good scope in future, also suggest good colleges in Sagar.
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0 # Pallavi Older than three months
You should take branch according to your interest, if you have interest in software or programming choose computer science, if you have interest in machines, choose mechanical, etc, some good engineering colleges are Indira Gandhi Engineering College ; Infinity Management & Engineering College ; Adina Institute of Science and Technology ; Babulal Tarabai Institute of Research and Technology
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0 # Jayesh Older than three months
Hello, I am from Sindhudurg, want to know How to get admission to MBBS at JIPMER
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0 # Mukesh Older than three months
For getting admission, you should go through online entrance test known as JIPMER MBBS, after clearing this you can get admission in this institute, you can also find other good MBBS institutes of Sindhudurg-Medical in Sindhudurg
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0 # Aarav Older than three months
Is there any age restriction applicable to apply to the B. Ed course, plz suggest good b.ed colleges in Faizabad as well
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0 # Shruti Older than three months
Most NCTE recognized institutions from across the country require that applicants must have completed at least 18 years of age in the year of admission, some b.ed colleges in Faizabad are Shri Ram Janki Mahavidyalaya ; Jhunjhunwala PG College ; Dau Dayal Mahila (P.G.) College ; KS Saket PG College - Department of Education
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