8 Great Diary writing Tips

8 Great Diary writing Tips

There are no predefined rules for maintaining a journal. It basically depends on how often you write, the time you spend, and how well you maintain a regular diary writing schedule, only which matters according to your personal choices and circumstances. Therefore, it is important to find what suits you. Here are nine guidelines to assist you.

1. Try to write regularly for the journals. Fix a particular time that suits you well and use this time to write every day. Do not get interrupted for any reason during this period,try to avoid it as much as possible.

2. Give yourself an appealing environment for writing journals. If you require a pin drop silence in your room, discover a particular time for your writing when there is no interruption or any kind of noise.

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If you have missed a day or more, without doing diary writing and finds that life is not imperfect than go on. Write the next time when you have that opportunity.

6. Why not create a positive feedback form. As you’ll carry on to use the diary as an opportunity to be with and learn about yourself, you will find that the practice gives a momentum all its own.

7. Emphasize more on the process rather than the consequence. An importance purpose of diary writing is simply expressing and recording your thoughts and feelings. Concentrate on the process of writing – keeping the flow of words rather than worrying about the outcomes of the same. If your objective is to have some audience to read your diary, go back to it later and make some changes. Use your diary as the raw material for more polished writing.

8. Learn from your own experiences. It is always great to proof-read your entries a month or more down the road. It demonstrated your growth – a nice paddle on the back for all of us. Look for patterns or correlations. What improved, what have remained the same? Learning from you is so much gentler on the self-esteem. Use a goal to review your life from a different perspective with retrospection.

Relax, have fun, and don't forget to laugh! Diary writing is its own reward. Once you get started, your diary will become another one of your good friends – one who is always available and never presents a deafening ear. Your diary loves you for being you.


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Its good that you are interested in medical field, get good MBBS colleges in Aurangabad-Bihar are Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar Marathwada University
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Hello Sir, May I know the specialisation in MBA and also suggest some good B-Schools in Golaghat ?
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There are various specialisation in MBA i.e. Marketing, Finance, Human Resource, etc, find some good MBA colleges Residential Girls' Polytechnic
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Is there any age restriction applicable to apply to the B. Ed course, plz suggest good b.ed colleges in Banda as well
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Most NCTE recognized institutions from across the country require that applicants must have completed at least 18 years of age in the year of admission, some b.ed colleges in Banda are Raja Devi Degree College ; Eklavya Mahavidyalaya ; Shivdarshan Mahavidyalaya ; Sukdeo Singh Degree College
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