Accessibility problem for the the Physically Challenged in Higher Education
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Accessibility problem for the the Physically Challenged in Higher Education

Technology for Accessibility (for the physically challenged) in Higher Education

Disability is a major challenging job for many in the societies across the world. Every country has some plans and policies, but if you ask the persons with disabilities in any country in the world, more or less the answer will be “not satisfied” or “not cared for” or “no government takes full care” etc.

The article mainly discusses about the accessibility of the persons with disability, be it in regular life or in educational field or in working place. Since all the disability types have different problems, the importance of easing the accessibility does have a paramount importance.

Among all the 4 main categories,

1) The visually disabled persons face the hardest of all because of their inability to see the accessibility point by her-self or him-self. Every step is a challenge to them. These people depend on escorts in every step.

2) The orthopedically challenged people have other problem, because those who are literally crippled need physical lifting in many places when they are out of their home.  Many aids and appliances for them do not solve their problems. You might have seen many such people are moving with their crutches, wheel chairs, walking sticks, prostheses and so on, but they have to cross a road or board a bus or train, they simply feel “completely distressed”. The case is more severe when the case is about an adult girl. They always need a female escort, but in practical life, female escorts are also helpless to support the adult girl.

3) The hearing impaired category has other problems. Nobody in this world of “sound” understands their difficulty, because they can utmost use their sign language which is none by none of us in this “planet of educated people”

4) The plight of the mentally retarded category is the worst. Those who are above the 50 borderline mark of their mental retardation venture to start learning or getting training and the others languish throughout their life. Those who are diagnosed with 50 and above they are sent to asylums.

The educational needs of these persons with disability and their accessibility

In India, special educations in special schools are the general norm. Different governments are coming up with different plans to offer different facilities to each category of these “helpless lot”, but every measure is falling short of redresses.

Problems exist in many areas in the educational needs of the persons with disability

The persons with disabilities face insurmountable problems like staff, course content, facilities, the educational, resources as well as examination process. To discuss the matter a bit in detail will focus on the

1)       Unavailability of those study materials in different languages

2)       Inaccessibility of integrated way of educational institutions

3)       Unavailability of sensitive and trained teachers

4)       Insufficient awareness in regards to the developments by harnessing technologies

5)       Technologies of modern science are not commercially viable for individual use.

6)       The latest innovations for the disabled community are not accessible for economic categories of the persons with disability.

7)        The digitised world does not pay much heed to the needs of the economically poor people of this distressed world.

Many stalwart in this field of rehabilitation of the disabled are planning, meeting, conferencing, travelling and what not? Actually no one is serious to bring about the solutions. Many are there with our Hon’ble President’s award and many are vying to grab the award, but the helpless lot is struggling throughout.


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# Harikiran 2017-03-17
Hii, plz suggest me What higher studies options are available after completion of MBBS in Bhind?
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# Mukesh 2017-03-18
On completion of MBBS, for being specialised in a specific field, candidate will have to take up MD or MS course in Bhind with appropriate specialization.
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