All about Indian Institute of science

All about Indian Institute of science

All about Indian Institute of science

Indian Institute of science Bangalore is only the institutions that rank between 300 and 400 among all the world universities. American universities have captured 17 positions of the top 20 slots, with two going to the British universities and one being occupied by Swiss federal institute of technology at Zurich. Of the 500 universities ranked, American universities captured a total of 182 slots, European universities occupied 200 slots but three universities made top 20.As many as 17 Chinese universities were included as well. Read about SEO -

Harvard University has been described as the world s best university with a score of 100 followed by stand Ford University with a score of 72.6.University of California, Berkeley, Massachusetts Institute of technology and university of Cambridge has scored around 17 points.

The Indian Institute of science Bangalore improved its performance in the departments of chemistry and computer science. In the former the Institute has jumped two ranks from 45 in 2016 to 43 this year and in the latter from a range of 101-150 in the past to 51-75 in 2016.

In natural science and mathematics and engineering technology and computer science, the score remains stagnant ranging between 151-200 and 76-100 respectively.

Universities are also ranked by the several indicators of academic research performance and the per capita academic performance of institutions. For each indicator, the highest scoring institution is assigned a score of 100 and other institutions are calculated as a percentage of the top score.

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