All about TOEFL.

All about TOEFL.

TOEFL basically stands for test of English as a foreign language. This test is basically conducted for seeking admissions into United States or Cannada.It is basically used to test the proficiency of individuals whose native language is not English.

The TOEFL entrance exam scale starts from 0 to 300.In order to go for higher studies one needs to have a minimum score of 200 and a maximum score of 250 and above for seeking admissions to good business schools.

 TOEFL entrance test is a standardalised test so in which ever part of the world you take it the format of the exam will be same. The TOEFL Entrance test is divided into following sections:

  Listening, Structure, Reading and Writing. The first three sections i.e. the Listening, Structure and writing consists of multiple questions where you need to answer each and every question correctly.

Writing section consists of writing an Essay on the given short topic. The TOEFL is administered worldwide by an organization based in the USA named ETS or Educational Testing Service. It is a private company and these days the test is basically taken on a Computer rather than a paper at respected test centers.

 But while giving the TOEFL Entrance test you can write the essay on the paper. For further details visit the website of the colleges and the institutes accept the TOEFL test score for higher studies and there are variety of resources which provide training for getting a good score in TOEFL entrance exam.

 After giving TOEFL entrance exam you can get the result after 15 working days of the test.

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