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All India Council for Technical Education to launch the Job Portal

All India Council for Technical Education is developing the job portal for the students of technical and the professional Institutions.

The Placement companies like and will soon have the rivals.

The Job Portal will also have the database of all the students from the technical and the professional Institutions with their academic and other details apart from the large number of private sector employers.

Here the students will able to access the portal free of cost and also post their curriculum vitae, the companies have also registered with this portal. Students will also have the facility to log on to the portal and can also search for their prospective employees.

The job portal is even being developed in order to benefit the students from pursuing both the technical and the professional education in the country.

Recently a database of about 8000 companies from different sectors has also been created.

And then this will be uploaded in the portal that is being developed.

The job portal that is being run by the various companies usually charge the fee against their services and the portal is being developed by the council and that will be absolutely  free of cost for the students of AICTE approved institutions.

AICTE provides mail ID to the each of the student of the institutions approved by it.

The Mail Ids will be given to the students, using their IDs the students can log on to the portal and post their curriculum vitae and also search for the suitable job.

Here Employers can also log on to the portal and look for prospective employees.

Here the portal could be accessed by the students free of cost then the AICTE has not yet taken any decision on whether it will be used by the employers and too free of cost.

The council has also college e-mail IDs of Human resources department from the large   number of companies.

Here they will collect the ID's of the companies, the HR's and then upload them in the portal.

This will also create the direct interface between employees and the employers.

All India Council for technical education has decided to provide the job for more than one crore people.

Here council has decided to tie up with 12,000 Industries and make the data base ready and this will be connected with the job portal.

Students here can search any company and apply the resume for the suited profile.  Here from this portal one can search the requirement and then apply for job as per the database.

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