Are you preparing for your GMAT exam? Go through some important points
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Are you preparing for your GMAT exam? Go through some important points

GMAT takes you to your higher height

The verbal and quantitative sections in the exam system of GMAT have the multiple choice options. The CAT or computer adaptive format is administered. It is adjusted to the candidate’s ability level.

When they start their session of verbal and quantitative section, candidates get a question, related to their average difficulty.  As the test takers start answering questions, the questions presented by the computer become tougher on and on in this stage onwards. Now, the contrasting situation is if the candidate can answer the tougher questions, the next batch of questions become comparatively easier. The process continues till the end of the each section.

This above session will actually access the subject area’s skill of the test taker. This will be followed by raw score result of each session.

AWA (Analytical Writing Assessment)

The analytical writing assessment is a 30 minute duration session. The session is for analyzing an argument. Since analyzing the reasoning is important in this point of the GMAT, the candidate has to put down his or her opinion as the critique.   The pivotal part here is analyzing the reasons of the argument. Two independent ratings are given to the essay: 1st ratings are evaluated by the computerized evaluation system; 2nd ratings are done through the manual evaluation system, which is undertaken by the GMAT’s evaluator.  After this the ratings are averaged for determining the AWA score of the candidate. The 2nd rating does not pick up or refer to the result of the 1st rating by the computer.

The power of automated essay scoring machine

The automated essay scoring machine is highly powerful and can extract the result of 50 linguistic and structural features at a time, within which it can also evaluate syntactic variety, organization of ideas and topical analysis. In case two ratings i.e. ratings by machine and ratings by man differ by more than one point, the ratings are re-evaluated by the other GMAC expert for resolving the discrepancy and finalising the score.

The assessment of analytical writing is evaluated on a scale of 1 to 6 (minimum & maximum), within the .5 points of intervals. In case any candidate scores zero in any answer, it is taken for granted that the candidate’s analytical skill is not up to the mark.

Essay score Description

1                              The essay evaluated as deficient.

2                              The essay evaluated as flawed.

3                              The essay evaluated as limited.

4                              The essay evaluated as adequate.

5                              The essay evaluated as strong.

6                              The essay evaluated as outstanding.

DOs & DON’Ts of Registration & preparation

The candidates, interested to take GMAT exam, may register themselves by calling on any of the test centers or by logging in “MBA.Com”. Scheduling an exam needs securing an appointment from any of the official test centers (duly designated).

Indian applicants must carry their passports in the exam centers. For any reason, if you fail to do this, you will not be allowed to enter the hall.

Once a test is over, the candidate can either report or cancel his or her score. From recent past, a candidate can view his score and take decision accordingly.

Once appeared for the GMAT exam, you cannot take another exam within 31 days. This applies to those cases, the scores of whom are cancelled.

Availability of Study Materials

You can have official study materials from 1) website or online store of “MBA.COM” and 2) third party source.

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