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Benefits and career of learning foreign languages

As we live in the competitive world, most of the students are interested in studying foreign language which helps them to make a good career and it is having lot of opportunities of going abroad. Foreign language education is not only important for communication between cultures, but it can also help promote tolerance.

Learning a foreign language extends limits, it opens up opportunities for higher education to go for abroad. In many non-native English speaking countries in Europe, like Sweden, the Netherlands and Germany, it is compulsory to learn English as a second language in primary or secondary education.

The demand for foreign languages has been increasing in India with the opening up of new opportunities of employment both in the public and corporate sectors. This gives a motivation to the teaching of foreign languages and the Department of Germanic and Romance Studies is widely recognized as one of the most important centers in India.

Foreign languages also lead to the introduction of courses at the secondary and senior secondary levels in schools across the country. Part-time courses in foreign languages have been offered in several colleges of the University. Some foreign language course is designed as a one-year, part-time post graduation diploma which provides training in Foreign Language Education.

Career in Foreign Language:

• A career in foreign language is having attractive offer, for those who have a talent for languages.

• As our trade links are expanding abroad, so the requirement for people with skills in language is increasing.

• Skills in foreign languages like French, German, Russian, Chinese and more recently Japanese, Spanish and Korean are in great demand.

Opportunities after learning foreign language:

Here below are few opportunities after completion of learning foreign languages are as follows:

• Tour operators

• Online content writers

• Technical translators or decoders

• Interpreters and Translators.

Interpreters should have a thorough knowledge of the language, because they have to transfer spoken statements from one language to another, whereas translators have to translate written documents, which needs excellent writing skills in languages.

With the globalization, international business companies are coming to India, the job state for those who are talented in foreign languages have become more. The increase in the amount of scientific, technological and cultural information promises a growing need for those who are able to assist international infrastructures.

Aspirants those who are completed academic qualifications in foreign languages helps in pursuing careers in the areas of

• Tourism

• Entertainment

• Public relations and mass communication

• International organizations

• Embassies

• Diplomatic service

• Publishing houses

• BPO's

Language classes are essential to our future as students. Students should be highly encouraged to take a foreign language for fluency to improve their job opportunities.

The future growth also varies from language to language. In governmental work, apart from French, German, Spanish, Japanese etc., even smaller languages like Pashpio, Uzbek, Tajiks, Hebrew, Portuguese etc., are having a huge demand.

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