Best courses to do after 12th science

Best courses to do after 12th science

12th standard is the last stage of a student’s school life.  After 12th standard, a student has to decide his path and his career. This step has to be taken after lots of planning and thinking. You just can’t afford to choose what to do after 12th standard carelessly. You must take into consideration various factors like- your interests, job scope and opportunities etc. while choosing your career. I think this article will help you deal with it.

There are many courses available to students after 12th standard. Courses like Engineering, MBBS are main stream, but I will also focus on slightly unknown and unique courses. Please make sure that you take your own time and think before you choose a particular course.



The duration of Engineering  course is 4 years long.


If you are interested in becoming a doctor. The course is 5 years and 6 months long with internship. But you must also complete PG if you want to be successful.

3. BDS

If you want to become a dentist. The course is 5 years long. But the field is saturated due to large number of private colleges.


If you want to become an Ayurveda doctor. The course is 5 years long. There are many job opportunities in this field.

5 .B Pharmacy

This course is 4 years long. After getting this degree, you can open a chemist’s shop, become a medical representative or take up a job in pharmaceutical company. You may also do M Pharm and get better opportunities.

6 .Pharm D

It is different from B Pharm. This course is 6 years long. It is more or less a combination of B Pharm and M Pharm. There are lots of opportunities to work abroad if you have this degree.

7 .BSc

It is a 3 year long course. You can select from various subjects like science, maths, physics, computer science, biotechnology etc. After BSc, you may complete MSc and take up teaching jobs or research.

8 .BBA

BBA stands for Bachelor of Business Administration. Even 12th science students can choose this course. After completing BBA, you may go for an MBA and get jobs related to your degree.


Yes, this is a good option, but there is an age limit. You have to be 19 years old or younger to appear for NDA (National Defence Academy) exam. You must also have completed your 12th standard exams with A group. If you manage to pass NDA exam and SSB interview, you will get admission in NDA, Pune. You have to do a Bsc course there along with military training and studies. After 3 years in NDA and a year at IMA (Indian Military Academy), you will get a job in Indian Armed forces as an officer.

10. Diploma courses

If you don’t get admission in engineering, you can take admission in diploma engineering. After completing your diploma, you can go for a degree. After you get your diploma, you have to attend an engineering college for only 2 years to get a degree.

11. Other good courses

There are various other good courses like Hotel Management, Fire Safety Technology, Welding Technology and Software/Hardware courses. These courses also offer good job opportunities. Make sure that you get admission in an institute that is approved by the Government.

In demand Diploma courses

Diploma in nursing is a good course that 12th science students, the biology group ones can pursue. The advantage of this course is that job opportunity abroad after its completion is much! Nurses are in demand abroad. A diploma in nursing can work wonders. Not only female aspirants, but males can also pursue this course since male nurses are also in demand abroad.

Diploma course to become Air Hostess is another hot course for 12th passed students. Students who wish to have an exciting and adventurous career can opt for this course. The job involves lots of travelling and the pay scale is promising. After retiring from the profession, one can take up secondary jobs in fields related to hospitality. Even males can take up this course since male flight attendants are also in huge demand these days, due to new private airlines opening up.

Diploma in event management is yet another exciting opportunity for youngsters. This diploma course can be pursued by 12th passed students too. Even I came to know of dedicated event management courses this year! After completing this course, one can take up jobs in event management firms or can open their own enterprise. With dedication and hard work, one can build a profitable business, since this industry is going through a good phase at the moment.

Some more best courses for 12th science students-

Bachelor Programs in Design Field- Science stream graduates who have a flair for designing and fashion can take up any of these designs related branches and build a good career. A list of programs that I found interesting are-

Bachelor of Design (Fashion Designing) - A well-known course being taught in NIFT (National Institute of Fashion Technology), this one is a 4 year long course. The program is much sought after by students interested in designing clothes and apparels. The job prospects are good, when it comes to this particular course. After graduating, one has a wide choice of potential careers to choose from.  Some of them are- designers, freelance design consultants, costume designers, illustrators etc.  Also, graduates can easily land jobs in MNCs related to clothing line and designer wears.

Bachelor of Design (Leather Design) - Like the previous entry, this one is also a 4 year long course. Job opportunities are abundant in this field also. Primarily, this field is associated with designing of leather products, mass manufacturing of it, management of the good, transportation etc.

Bachelor of Design (Accessory Designing)- The duration of this course is 4 years long. This field is all about designing high end and innovative designed and crafted accessories, ornaments etc. Not just ornaments, this field also deals with accessories like footwear, interior design goods etc.

Bachelor of Design (Textile Design)- 4 years long course. Deals with all aspects associated with the field of textile manufacturing, processing, designing and management. One of the most popular courses offered by NIFT. Graduates will be able to find jobs easily in industries associated with clothes and textile industry.

Bachelor of Design (Knitwear Designing) - Knit wear is emerging as the next big thing in the design and textile world. This 4 year long course deals with the fundamentals of knitting and also incorporates knowledge about state of the art methods and equipment tool.

Bachelor of Design (Fashion Communication)- This is a new course, but surely high on promise and potential. In a nutshell, it is all about merchandising (visual), exhibiting design, fashion journalism etc. Graduates can be expected to get hired by media houses, as a fashion consultant. Graduates can also become chief organizers of fashion events.

Animation film Design- A 4 year long course offered by the prestigious NID (National Institute of Design). Graduates of this course can become independent animators, work under big Indian and International media production houses, advertising houses etc. The job scope is promising, when it comes to this particular field.

Ceramic and Glass Design- This activity has been practiced by man since ancient times. This 4 year long course offered by NID also imparts ancient techniques as well as state of the art methods also.

Furniture and Interior Design a 4 years long course. Deals with various aspects of designing, manufacturing, processing etc. of wooden and other types of furniture and interior designing goodies.

Product Design- This field is all about designing useful products or innovating and improving the design of already created products. This 4 year course is all about innovative attitude and making things more useful to mankind by improving its design!

Bachelor of planning-

I don’t know whether any private Institute in India teaches this course or not, but unfortunately, at CEPT (Center for Environmental Planning and Technology), this course has been temporarily stopped. This has been done with an aim of re-introducing this course with much more quality study material and course material. The course will be re-introduced in 2016!

Commercial Pilot training-

But getting into the IAF as a pilot is an extremely tough task. So, in case you are unable to achieve that feat, you may become a Commercial Pilot! Yes, 12th Science stream passed students can become a Commercial pilot by undergoing training course at an Aviation Academy recognized by the Aviation Ministry of India. First, students have to earn a student pilot license and undergo flying training and theoretical education. After clocking certain hours in a training plane successfully and upon passing the tests, a student is awarded the Flying License!

Bachelor of Interior design-

There are many institutes (especially private ones) offering this course. They offer Diploma as well as certificate courses. But try to get admission into premier institutes like CEPT and choose this course.

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