Career Counselling and its Importance

Career Counselling and its Importance

Career Counselling

In present times when knowledge is available in abundance, youngsters find it hard to eliminate what is not necessary or to focus on what is beneficial in the long run. Quite unlike the old times, there is a wide variety of academic and professional courses to choose from. At such a crossroad in life, any student would tend to be bewildered. The main confusion for students is What is Career after 12th science, What after 12th Commerce, Best Courses after 12th Arts...

The new age, along with the pressing need to board the bandwagon, has brought the gift of career counselling.
Career counselling is a process that allows students to explore, discover and connect to career or major options through collaborative one-on-one meetings with the counsellor. Individuals get assisted in learning about themselves. They are able to understand their own capabilities and the world of work. Accordingly they can make decisions regarding career, education and life with more clarity.

In present times, career counselling has become very important for all and any. During teen years, most of the students do not have much of an idea of what they actually want. “I want to be successful” is the mantra they swear by. But how to do that or what to do exactly, is seldom known. Confusion increases because of the unlimited options available. One gets lured to many things without realizing that it is better to be the master of one than being a jack of all trades. Peer influence is another factor that hinders clarity. To top it all, there is the hurry to choose something, anything lest the time goes by and one misses out. Without proper guidance, there are fair chances of making a wrong decision and regretting it forever later.

A healthy and practical approach is to reach out to a good career counsellor who can assess the students’ intelligence, interest and personality. This further leads to identification of careers wherein the individual is most likely to succeed and maintain the same level of interest.

Career planning, ideally, should be done in conjunction with a good career counselor. A trained counselor can help students identify and know several professions in which they can be good. Good counselling increases knowledge, wisdom and forms focus. This ultimately has a positive effect on the lifestyle and level of satisfaction at large.

Students have endless doubts like:

Which stream of academics to choose?
What career goal to pursue?
What they are actually capable of achieving?
How to prioritize when faced with multiple interests?
How to make a choice which will not be regretted later?

Taking up one stream and then having to change it sometime later, thwarts the progress. Besides, several different activities attract students and they are vulnerable to wandering astray. Thus time is poorly managed and after the right opportunities have gone by, one feels like a loser. In order to avoid such a sense of failure, it is best to keep the options limited and be focused. Here, career counselling plays an important role.

Cognitive and intuitive techniques used for assessment and analysis of an individual’s attitude, aptitude, interest and inclination; followed by right suggestions and exposure to the exact path which will lead to the decided goal, goes a long way in making one’s life quality good.

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