Career in airhostess

Career in airhostess

The main work of airhostess is to look after the after the passengers in flight and tend to their comfort and requirements.

Job Profile of airhostess:

1. The airhostess is briefed by the captain about the expected whether conditions, special passenger problems etc.

2. They check the emergency equipment in the aircraft.

3. They check whether meals and beverages are available for onboard passengers or not.

4. They check the first aid kits, airhostess also checks that doors are closed and seat belts fastened.

5. Before the take off they demonstrate the use of emergency equipment and point out exit doors and notify the pilot when they are ready for take-off.

Their In-flight responsibilities:

They serve Meals and drinks. Meals are usually prepacked and stored in hot boxes.

They make announcement on behalf of the pilot they check they check that safety belts are fastened.

They deal with emergencies such as ill health of passengers.

The skills required for airhostess include:

Should have a very friendly and pleasing personality.

Should have Patience.

Should have good health and stamina.

Should be able to communicate in a regional, national, international and foreign language.

Should be punctual and be able to work in a good team.

The starting salary for airhostess starts from 2.24 Lakhs to 12.82 Lakhs per annum.Median Salary of flight attendants is approximately Rs 5 lakh per annum.The salary goes on increases as the experiences increases.

Usually the preference is given to diploma or degree holders in hotel management/tourism. Female candidates from Home science background, fulfilling other requirements, are also preferred. International Airlines recruit airhostesses in the age group of 18-35 years.

Airhostess should have the ability and proficiency to speak in English, Hindi, a regional language or should be able to speak in any one of the foreign language.

Height for Air Hostesses - minimum of 157.5 cm and Flight Pursers 163 cm with proportionate weight.

Normal eyesight without glasses or a minimum uncorrected distant vision of 6/40 is acceptable.

National airlines: National airlines conduct entrance exam which includes written test, general knowledge, mental ability and verbal ability for shortlisted candidates.

This is followed by an interview and group discussion

International airlines: International airlines conduct the interview during which the measurement of height and weight of the applicants is checked and candidates then take a written test which consists of general knowledge, mental ability, language ability (including vocabulary, listening, reading, speaking test for Hindi and English). This is followed by a main interview, during which the candidate's language fluency, diction, voice, communication skill, personality and reaction to adverse situations is assessed.

After this training is provided. Selected candidates are trained by airlines. At various stages of training, practical and written tests are taken. After completion of the initial course the selected air hostess have to go through a probationary period of on-the-job training with the airline under the supervision of experienced cabin crew for between six months to a year.

There are various top institutes in India and top colleges in India that provide airhostess training in India. The top colleges that provide airhostess training in India are

Air Hostess Academy, Bangalore

Air Hostess Academy, Chandigarh

Air Hostess Academy, Pune

Air Hostess Academy, Mumbai

Franklin Institute of Air Hostess Training, Mumbai

Franklin Institute of Air Hostess Training, Delhi

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