Career in Cartoonist

Career in Cartoonist

Cartoonist basically is person who will express his/her feelings thoughts, ideas and feelings through the cartoons, drawings and the sketches.Usually cartoons are viewed for entrainment and fun but the actual viewers will find out the meaning out of the cartoon and the image. Cartoonist usually has a wide range of optional subjects to create the cartoons. Lot of creativity and imaginations is very important to be a cartoonist in future. Innovation and dedication also plays an important role. The cartoonist conveys the words, the messages and the emotions through the images with lots of humor. There are many top institutes in India and animation colleges in India that provide the best cartoon courses in India.

Clearing the secondary education is the basic requirement makes a career in cartoonist. Anyone who is innovative, who is good at communicating his/her thoughts through the sketches and has good sense of humor and try luck in this field. Candidates who are interested in making career in cartoonist can opt for graphic designing or sketching courses at graduation level, diploma level or the post graduation level. To make a good career in cartoonist, one has to be perfect in animation, hence animation course also will help a lot and this will be useful for the students who want to enter in the electronic field.

The candidate who is interested to make profession in cartoonist has lot of career options in India. One can work as a political cartoonist or the comic cartoonist in any newspapers or the magazines or one also get the lot of employment offers in the animation houses. There is lot of scope for cartoonist in India and for animation courses in India. Almost all the newspapers reserve some space for the cartoons.

Top colleges in India that offer the courses in cartoons

There is lot of demand for cartoonist in print and electronic media and also there are many institutes in India that are running the animation courses. Some of the best institutions are Indian Institute of cartoonists Bangalore. Sir J.J School of arts Mumbai,Santhanu's chitira Vidyalayam,The Raye Burns school new Delhi, Faculty of fine arts, university of Baroda,Vadodara, Kerala cartton academy,kovhi,Arena Animation academy new Delhi ,Maya academy of advanced cinematics,new Delhi and National Institute of Design(NID) Ahmadabad.

The salary for the cartoonist depends upon the organizations he/she is working for. A cartoonist can start the career with a salary of Rs 10,000 and Rs 15,000 per month. As the experiences increases so the salary also increases.

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