Career Options except IIT

Career Options except IIT

In India every student who opt science mathematic as his stream has a dream that he will pass out of the haloed grounds of one of the IIT’s. Even their parents thought the same for them and this thought or we can say dream is ingrained in child’s psyche from the very beginning.

But now as the time has changed a lot there are so many ways to get a successful career apart from IIT’s. There isn’t a single set way of guaranteed success. There are so many ways to shape up your career in the best way possible even apart from these IIT’s.

There are so many entrepreneurs and professionals who have never been to an IIT but are still so successful. It isn’t like IIT’s are not having that much valued. They have even it holds an immense amount of value in one’s career. But the point is IIT-JEE is no longer the end of the world, there are several other ways to reach the heights of success both in India and Abroad too.

Career Options except IIT-

Go for Second best engineering colleges-

If you can’t get in an IIT then go for the second best engineering colleges in India. There are so many colleges which are having a good ranking but require lower cut-off marks then IIT. These colleges either except the JEE scores or may be conduct their own entrance exams. Many reputed centrally-funded technology institutes and deemed universities come under this bracket and are very adept at imparting a sound technology education. You can later back this training with an MBA from a good institution in India or abroad and enjoy similar pay-scales as any IIT pass-out.

Other options then Engineering-

Some of the students quit the idea if pursuing Engineering if they can’t make though in IIT. In such cases also there are so many career options that hold the promise of great career prospect. As the student belongs from science background they can choose any field to study among Economics, Statistic and Mathematics.

They also open doors to careers as lucrative as Operational Research, Management, Marketing Research, Actuarial Sciences or Banking.

Data statisticians are required now days. They are in great demand both in business and government jobs. There is a great need for professionals who can analyze and make sense of the huge reams of data and make them usable.

Civil Service Examinations-

Civil services are again a good option for science students. For cracking these exams all you need is a thorough knowledge of current affairs and the History and Geography of the nation along with proficiency in your chosen subject of study. These exams can give you a very good career.


Being an entrepreneur today is the most challenging and rewarding experience. We live in a world where time-tested proofs of aptitude and skills are being replaced by something more dynamic and inexplicable. If you think there is a subject that really interests you and you could make a career out of that then it makes sense to pursue that with complete passion from a very young age.

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