Counseling session for 10th & 12th Students

Counseling session for 10th & 12th Students

When the students are appearing for 10th and 12th board examination according to process then in their minds they have thoughts about what is going to happen after completing school. At that time when you have to take decision for your future and potential career many types of pressures are built on your mind. In India choosing a right course for their higher studies is not a easy task before asking about it with the students, many parents and teachers are finally decide for them and impose their own decision on the students. External effects are clearly seen in families and society.

A status symbol is like a Doctors, engineers, lawyers etc. Instead of treating them as professionals or called as a courses of higher studies every family wants their children to be prepare for civil services, to become topmost scientist or joining defense services. Stress of cracking competitive examination such as IIM, GATE, IIT, NET etc are completing the circle of fulfilling prospect of every parent. It’s important to realize to the students that their career is away from conservative career. In today’s time such opportunities which help us to growing in career is needed.

According to the student interest and abilities career motivators are guiding students to choose the right area for their career. Career motivators manipulate different peoples in various ways, for some motivators it just a source of big earning and for other by this all motivation their ambition is to earn name and reputation and for some of them it was essential where they do not have another option but they can follow safe and secure path to success in becoming a professionals.

The major question which was asked to every student’s are-

  1. What is your aim in life?
  2. In career field what attracts you more?
  3. At where you want yourself after five years?
  4. According to grades and ranking what kind of students you are?
  5. About you’re all strengths and weaknesses?
  6. What you really want to do not according to parents?

By giving answers of this question students can get an idea of chasing the career which they want to do. To get sure about his/her career they will go for an authentic online career counseling and offline career counseling also.

Direction to career after 10th and 12th are two of the most confusing points of student’s life. At that time they need correct direction to their career, counselors done various ways for student by using different tools to plan out your career. To choose right career option there are many online and offline assignments, interviews and quizzes which is create in order to choose the right career. If we talk about particularly on one field we find that each field carries a large number of options itself. Day by day every field options are increasing.

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