Dress Code For MBA Personal Interview

Dress Code For MBA Personal Interview

Now, you will be tensed after having received you Personal Interview letter from a top B-school for MBA admission. You might be preparing for the commonly asked interview questions and you might have identified your weak areas and might have started working on those areas. But, how about your dress code for Personal Interview? Have you ever thought of the dress code? You might be confident about your dressing sense, but remember that Personal Interview process during MBA is a different game as you will also be judged on the basis of your dress and the way you present yourself before the admission committee. Here are some tips that will help you in visiting the PI with the right dress code:

Conservative dress code: B-schools generally expect conservative dresses. So you should be careful about keep your fashion senses apart in reserve for some other personal occasions in your life. In short, formal outfit is generally recommended and expected by admission committee during the PI.

Business shirt and tie: A well-chosen business shirt along with its matching tie is an excellent choice for PI. This dress code will help the interviewers in understanding the clear picture of the suitability and your seriousness towards succeed in the admission process.

  • Remember that the professional business shirts and pant you wear should be wrinkle free. This is applicable to both women and men students.
  • Also, if the attire is new, you should be careful about removing the tag from the dress.
  • Remember that the shirt cuffs should be half an inch below the jacket sleeve.
  • Rather than wearing a plastic band watch, a dress watch can be worn.
  • It is better to ensure that you have a fresh breath, but do not keep the mint or gum in your mouth during the interview.
  • Also, it is better not to use cologne or perfume. But, you use deodorant before the interview.
  • In addition, refrain from carrying backpacks to the interview room. If needed, you can carry a light folder or briefcase.
  • You should avoid loud colors and visible body piercing or tattoos.

Apart from these points, men and women should take care of the following points as well when it comes to dress code for MBA Personal Interview:

Men: Men can wear a dark or navy gray suit to the interview and it is important to ensure that the jacket should match the pants. They can wear neatly pressed long sleeved white or ivory shirt and it is better to ensure that the shirt is 100% cotton. When it comes to tie, it should not be of distracting color and a decent color can be chosen. If pant has belt loops, belt should be used. Black shoes along with black calf length socks are recommended. Always buttoning the jacket is important, but when you sit it can be unbuttoned. Neat shaving before the interview will give you a good look.

Women: Women can also wear suit in the above-mentioned fashion as in the case of men, but as against pants, they should wear skirt. Hands should be manicured and neutral polish will look good. Women should remember that jewelry should be minimal and they can wear a single gold or silver chain and if possible they can avoid it as well.

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