Going further and beyond MBA

Going further and beyond MBA

As an undergrad student, of what I have seen my seniors pursue, I realize many commerce students consider that doing an MBA is one of the options available, others generally being professional courses like Chartered Accountancy, Company Secretary or Cost and Works Accountant courses. Of all these courses, only those who either par excellence academically and are willing to commit a couple of forthcoming years of their life to rigorous and hardcore studies, take up CA, CS or CWA. Others most often opt for MBA. Yeah! It is true that MBA is a very popular degree but according to me, it isn’t the only option we are left with.

In my quest to find out other options available I can choose between, I decided to do a bit of research. In the forthcoming paragraphs I will be sharing with you all, the outcomes of my research. We all know, the most convenient source of getting any information today is of course internet, so I took the same course. Apart from searching on the internet, I spoke to some senior students to get a firsthand experience and after taking everything into consideration, I found some courses which, in my view point, are the most suitable alternatives to MBA course. Sharing with you a gist about these:

  1. Master of Science in Business Administration (MSBA)

This type of an alternative program may give you the business courses you want without forcing you to take additional courses required by the MBA.

Master’s degrees are also offered in a verity of business subjects such as accounting and management science. Such programs are undertaken by those students who want to concentrate in a specific field and are not interested in the broader requirements of the MBA.

  1. Master of Science in Management (MSM)

This program prepares students to conduct substantial research in management science.

  1. Master of Science in Accounting (MSA)

This course offers a heavy concentration on accounting.

  1. Master of Business Taxation (MBT)

This course focuses on business taxation research and policy making.

These all courses are very good alternatives to the MBA, but the only problem is that these courses are rarely offered by the universities or institutes of high repute in India. Thus, if we want to pursue any of them, then GMAT is the gateway.

Now you may not lose heart, just because these courses are offered abroad and we all may not have enough resources that we can think of flying abroad to pursue such courses, so here I list some other fantastic courses offered by our own Delhi University.

  • Master of International Business (MIB)

This type of program prepares students to conduct research in management and international business issues. There are only 90 seats available for the MIB in Delhi University.

  • Master of Finance and Control (MFC)

This program offers a heavy concentration on accounting, finance related issues, cost control etc.

Above mentioned are just few of the many available courses. Thus, my advice to you is to continue your research and study and make a wise decision.

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