How to choose best course after 12th

How to choose best course after 12th

How to choose best course after 12th

Selecting best course after 12th-

Selecting a perfect course for you after 12th that is at undergraduate level is very important for a student as it decide the fate of his career. If one chooses a good career at this level his career will blossom but if he chooses a wrong course his career gets ruined.

Why it is Important-

Selecting a good course is very important at undergraduate level because selecting a right course at right time may open a world full of opportunities for you whereas, if you select a wrong course then you have to regret forever. Selecting a right course is not just about selecting a career but is about selecting a right career and a proper institution to complete it.

An appropriate course is one selected on the basis of your own planning, your ambition, your aptitude and interest. A course should not be selected just for money you wish to earn. Although it sounds impractical that money follows passion, but it is true.

How to choose a right course-

12th is turning point in life of every student as one have to make a vital career decision after this. You can get through a lot of options about which course is good or which will be better for them.

The main problem occurs with students with relatively lower grades. They thought that no good college will give them admission so they simply choose any college and any course without thinking much.

The other types of students are those who think that only course matters and all the institutions are same.

Step 1- Decide your aim and be focused on what you want to do-

Having a clear mission and objective for yourself is the first step. By the time you completed your 10+2, you would have come across various subjects/topics and must have had a liking for a few. At this point you need to just think – do you want to pursue your career in any of those subjects?

You have a variety of options and can easily choose to become a biotechnologist, a doctor, a lawyer, a social worker, a psychologist, a business executive, a creative person, an author, a poet and so on.

Step-2- have knowledge about the fields-

After you are done with deciding or can say short listing your desired subject or field, rank all those and fields and see what courses are available in them. You can explore internet and can find out the list of courses in a particular field.

Step-3- Search benefits of the course-

Check worthiness of each course you have shortlisted and see if it meets your own goal. Your objective should be to have a stable career, earning opportunities, ability to start something of your own so on and so forth. To check worthiness of the course, you should see:

1.  What career opportunities does it provide?

2.  Does it allow you to switch between a job and start your own venture or to pursue your interest?

3.  Does it allow to go for higher studies if you desire to do so?

Step-4- Find right institute-

After deciding your course the turn comes to select a right institution. This isn’t a easy task also. You have to get through the details of institution and choose the best for you. You may rank educational institutions on the following basis:

1.  Rank of such institutes

2.  Eligibility criteria for admission

3.  Last cut-off for the course

4.  Reputation of such institutes

5.  Whether it has approval from required body

After going through all these points you will be able to get out of the confusion of choosing a appropriate career for yourself.

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