How to Crack GD and PI

How to Crack GD and PI

What is Group Discussion or GD-

Group Discussion or GD is becoming one of the most integral part of selection process now days. It is used as a selection tool not only by Business Schools but also by most of Companies to hire employees. Basically GD is a forum where people sit together to discuss a topic with common objective of finding a solution for an issue or a problem that is given.

What's required to crack GD-

Performance of a candidate in GD can be used to measure certain attributes like Content, communication skills, group behavior and leadership skills. The key point here is that how effectively one can convey his views to others for this one should have a clear understanding and knowledge of a given topic it is understood that for this one have to possess good general knowledge and should be aware about surroundings.

How to crack GD-

In GD the main thing that got clear is idea about your communication skills, leadership qualities and also team spirit. Firstly one should get a clear idea about the objective of GD or can say topic. Than the next important thing comes is to contribute in the communication. Contribution doesn’t only mean to express your views it should be said as what you express should be meaningful and should be a little different from others as it will grab the attention of the interviewer or the person commencing the GD. He will make a positive note on this. As everyone will say on the highlighted Points or main points but if you will show them any other point except them then they will consider it as a positive quality of yours to think differently from others. You should be confident while presenting your point and be clear with it, try not to do any sort of grammatical mistake. The one who initiates or start the discussion first will always get a positive remark. If someone counter your point or speaking against to it be polite and in genuine manner explain your point of view. Remember everyone thinks differently can have different point of views and you must respect them. Be genuine, polite and keep a smiling and confident face. Implementing all these things can make you crack any sort of GD.

What is Personal Interview or PI-

The next important phase of selection is Personal Interviews. Basically interview is a conversation between two or more people where question are asked by interviewer from the interviewee to elite facts or statements. It is a face to face interaction from the interviewer or examiner.

How to crack PI and what points should be remember during it-

People generally become panic-stricken on hearing the name of PI. But in reality it isn’t so much trouble seeking if one should know the do and don’ts of it. The first you should keep in your mind is to have confident and cheering face. You should be in formals either Indian or western. Maintain a good eye contact with the Interviewer it shows your confidence. Pay attention towards the questions, give enough information about the question asked. Do not cut answers short or expand them unnecessarily. Never show off your knowledge use not so complicated language and be honest with your answers.

If one should take care of basic atticates of GD and PI and remain confident he will cross these hindrances without any problem.

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# Aarav 2017-03-24
I am from Mahaboobnagar, plz tell me the time duration of MBBS course in India
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# Mukesh 2017-03-25
In India, the present duration of MBBS course is 5.5 years, The actual course period is 4.5 years and one year of rotating internship should be completed, you can find some good MBBS colleges in Mahaboobnagar-S V S Medical College
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# Himmat 2017-03-08
Hii, I am from Bhiwani, I would like to do B.Ed from distance, Is there any university that offers B. Ed through distance mode
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# Pallavi 2017-03-09
Yes, many universities from across the country including Bhiwani offer this course through distance mode and the prestigious of them is IGNOU, Annamalai University to name a few.
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