How To Deal With Stress Related To Results?

How To Deal With Stress Related To Results?

Now, the results of higher secondary and Class X board examinations in most of the states in India are declared. This is the time students have more reasons to feel stressed as the results of these board examinations are considered the ultimate goal for reaching the destiny.

As most part of the life of a student is spent in studies, looking ahead for the date of declaration of results itself can be a stressful experience. This can turn out to be an enjoyable experience, if the student scores good marks, but it can be an embarrassing situation as well for students, who end up in poor performance. Here, getting rid of stressful experience is something critical as it needs repeated counseling and guidance from well wishers and parents. Here, the role of parents is something important to help children in dealing with mental trauma.

Parents should interact with the child:

To vent out the apprehensions, it is important that parents should interact with the child. The mom or dad can ask the child as to what is bothering him and he should be made to understand that there are other horizons in life apart from education. If parents cannot provide this sort of support to the child to get rid of stress, it is better to seek the help of a counselor.

Student should accept the fact and should keep focused:

It is true that low score is something that can land the student in trouble in getting admission to higher education. But, parents should teach the child that he will have to accept the fact and should help him in thinking how to move to the next step as things cannot be changed. Parents can stay by the side of their child to provide him the opportunity for self discovery.

Planning ahead is important:

Parents should teach their child as to how to learn from mistakes, so that the same mistakes should never be committed in the future. Repeating a year or a low percentage of mark can create a big social burden on the child. But, to cope with the educational challenges, parents can look for a suitable coaching center or tutor and it is important that parents should never allow their failed child to brood all alone.

Approaching counselors can be the right idea:

Counselors will be in a position to easily track down the problem area of the child and counseling is something that is aimed at instilling confidence in young minds.

Preparing to face challenges:

Parents should take steps to prepare the child for future challenges in life for better prospects. The child should be made to realize that the exam scores are not the ultimate goal, but they are just the means of reaching the ultimate goal. The child should be asked to develop a positive attitude and attention should be given to the needs of the child to build better tomorrow.

The point to remember is that disappointing scores should never be perceived as a tragedy and as the one that can close all the future roads.

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