How to overcome Exam Stress

Exams are the most stressful period for many students. The students generally feel the pressure of performance and expectation of parents and teachers, which affects the results. So relax yourself because this is not the end of your life. This exam won’t make final decision of your life. If you will do proper preparation, you will not feel any kind of stress.  Start your studies timely with well planned time table. Take proper nutritional diet and keep yourself healthy and fit. Here, some steps are given to deal with your exam stress:-


  • Ensure yourself that you have all the required books, syllabus, notes and study material.
  • Always remember less time will make you anxious so don’t wait for exam days.
  • Practice the sample test papers or past exams papers. This will give you the idea of exam pattern.
  • Try to avoid talkative friends or the people who may disturb your focus.
  • Maintain healthy lifestyle. Do mediation and try to avoid junk food. Healthy food makes you mentally and physically fit.
  • If you feel that you have problem in particular part of subject than don’t get stressed ad ask your teacher or classmate.
  • Don’t ignore the areas where you are good, give equal time to them.
  • Take short regular breaks during studies. Continuous studies decrease your power to imbibe knowledge.
  • Make targets for regular studies and for its revision too.
  • Give one hour to fun activity like listen music or watch TV. No need to feel guilty for it.
  • Don’t criticize yourself negatively as stress is self created. Your confidence is most important to get success.
  • If you feel bore from particular subject than take another subject.
  • Think positive. Always believe that you can do and you will.
  • Give 7-8 hours to sleep. Mostly students avoid sleeping which is not right so take proper sleep as your mind and body need rest to perform well.
  • Stay hydrated by taking more liquid in the form of water or herbal teas. It will keep you alert.
  • Don’t compare your studies with any of your friend. Generally students talking to friends about how much you studied, this creates mental stress a lot. So avoid this habit and just focus on your own study.
  • If you still feel stress than leave the books for some time and discuss your tension with your friends or family members.
Always remember no one is perfect even the most successful persons also face the failure in their life. Failure is not bad actually; it is the step toward Success. Don’t get panic as this exam can’t take your life and your dreams from you. You just need to do your best and never be lazy.
So study well without taking any kind of stress .Good Luck!!


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