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How To Solve A Case Study In MBA Group Discussion?

When it comes to MBA admissions, group discussion is commonly followed as a criterion. But, some IIMs conduct a kind of group discussion, wherein a specific case would be discussed for arriving at a conclusion. The students will be given with a particular case with the word count ranging from 250-300 words. The candidates will be required to go through the situation and they will have to analyze, discuss and should arrive at a conclusion. Here are some details to know about case study:

What is it?

It is a detailed analytical study of an event or a group or an individual.

What is the purpose of case study in selection process?

The purpose is to understand the complexities involved in a specific situation through detailed analysis and to arrive at an optimal solution. This is a part of any research methodology and even though, the term ‘case study’ can seem to be tough, it is no lesser than a group discussion. Now, comes the question whether case study and group discussion are the same. No, there are certain differences between the two.

How is case study different from Group Discussion?

Case study is generally a write up in research terminology. However, it is a merely a group discussion when it is followed in the selection process of IIMs. The way the question is presented before the students is the main difference between these two. In the case of GD, the participants will be asked to discuss about a specific topic. On the other hand, in the case of case study, the question will not be in the form of a single sentence, but it will be in the form of a paragraph. It is generally a situation with many sub-situations attached to it.

How to handle case study?

When a student can view the different sub-situations associated with the main situation in case study in different dimension, he/she can easily handle this task. Generally, IIMs give a hypothetical situation in an organization as case study. Here, it is more about analyzing and understanding and here are certain points to be remembered by students facing case study during the MBA admission process:

  • Understanding the organizational objectives: When a hypothetical situation in an organization is given, the first and foremost thing to be done by the aspiring candidates is to identify the organizational objectives. Reading between the lines of case study carefully can help the students in identifying the organizational objectives.
  • Understanding the situation: This is another important thing to be done. Generally, the question will have a problematic situation attached to it. So, understanding the problem becomes important and here students should carefully identify the particular theme or character around which the entire problem would be hiding.
  • Different dimensions of the problem should be understood: Once the problem is identified, it is important that the students will have to analyze the different dimensions of the problem. Then, they will have to analyze how it influences the other characters and the organization involved.
  • Optimal solution: After analyzing the problem, it is important that candidates must arrive at the optimal situation that will bring win-to-win situation for all the parties involved.

In short, case study can be cracked easily only when the admission seekers get a complete understanding of the situation presented as question.

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# Nishith 2017-03-02
Hello Sir, May I know the specialisation in MBA and also suggest some good B-Schools in Kota ?
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# Pallavi 2017-03-03
There are various specialisation in MBA i.e. Marketing, Finance, Human Resource, etc, find some good MBA colleges Sikkim Manipal University - Kota ; NIS Academy - Kota ; Kothari Institute of Management - Kota ; Modi Insitute of Management and Technology
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