How to Tackle with Reading Comprehension

How to Tackle with Reading Comprehension

How to Tackle with Reading Comprehension

Reading comprehension is important part of the any competitive examination .Although we all know very well about the reading comprehension but in the point of view of entrance exam is very important to know the correct way to solve it .Any Reading Comprehension paragraph you want to solve you must know about the following:

  • Reading Speed
  • Reading Comprehension
  • Analytical Ability
  • Reading Range
  • Memory
  • Question Identification

Reading Speed:

Reading speed mean in which rate you are making the ideas of the paragraph so that you can answer all the questions. Most of the candidates who are preparing for CAT have reading rate between approximately around 100 to 200 words per minute. In order to answer RC questions a student needs to read at the rate of approximately 600 to 700 words. You should keep in mind that while answering an RC question, the student is not expected to memorize each and every word/sentence given in the passage. Everyone must have the ability to instantly make out the main idea given in the passage and without wasting time reading material that is peripheral.

How it comes:

So this speed only comes in habit when you having the regular habit of reading and solving the questions. So automatically your intellectual increase to solve the paragraph. .

Reading Comprehension:

Many times problem arises that many words comes which we don’t understand When you feel that you have not understood a particular word or sentence, what you do in that case read it again and again .Always keep in your mind this if we are not aware of the word meaning. But we can get the rough idea by reading the sentence of the paragraph.So keep reading and try to make the idea of the paragraph so that you can solve the questions.

Mainly the knowledge is required for reading comprehension is:

  • Content knowledge: This comes with regular reading. If you read topics from different areas on a continuous basis, you will be familiar with the content in the exam.
  • Strategic knowledge: It refers to making inferences when you read.
  • Meta-cognitive knowledge: This involves checking what have you grasped

Analytical Ability:

In the paragraph some question are for examining your analytical ability Even if you have understood what the author has stated in the passage, there is also possibility  that you may not able to answer all the questions which questions examine your ability. Thus, it is compulsory to you to acquire analytical skills, to solve that kind of questions. It can be acquired with practice.

Reading Range:

Generally, people read the books or writing material which they like or by which they entertain and which they can understand easily but if you really want to prepare for any entrance examination and you are serious in your preparation, you need to read all kinds of writings. An engineer might have a mental block against a philosophical paragraph; an arts student might have a problem towards a scientific article. And this will slow down your reading speed. The only way to overcome this is to read a lot of such writings.


Memory is related to retaining .you can learn general knowledge questions GA etc. But reading comprehension is not a retain material .This only need to understand and think logically if you are not able to understand the meaning of any word in the paragraph.

Question Identification:

It is not possible to solve all the questions given in a particular passage. And in many entrance examinations negative marking also so there is no compulsion to answer every answer. The best way is to choose the right questions which take less time or are directly answered in the given passage. This saves time and increases the efficiency,

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