Lakhs of people opting for online courses

Lakhs of people opting for online courses

Lakhs of people opting for online courses

A recent report has shown that nearly 10 lakhs of people have registered   for Online Courses. Indians are now entering the path of the future that is Online. Online courses can be studied anywhere at any place just need to have good internet connection with good speed. Through Online education you can cover all the classes from Ludhiana to London says the “IITs”.

Online courses have a wide range of electric range. Online education provides opportunities to those students who are not traditional anymore. There are Virtual lectures and assignments that are accessible to professionals and homemakers and are motivated to add their learning skills. Online will always remain an imperfect substitute to the conventional method.

Most of the people opt for online education sometimes as the second option. In classroom reading teachers are trying to make learning an interactive process to get the best results. In Online learning pattern of typing is not important even it is a large case and bold font it won't affect much. All it matters is the quality of communication between a teacher and the students.How much ever the technology improves it will not match face to face learning.

Online courses are more popular because they provide the opportunity to the people who otherwise would not have one. Where an option does exist, conventional forms of learning will remain the first choice.

In traditional way of classroom learning the students are gathered in one classroom and being taught of the subjects. In Online learning the students can learn through anywhere and can learn on the subjects in which ever he is interested in.

But one thing that is involved in online learning you won’t have communication with friends as you have communication in the school. But lack of time and other personal and professional reasons most of the population opts for online education.

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