Madan Mohan Malaviya - Bharat Ratna To The Eminent Educationist
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Madan Mohan Malaviya - Bharat Ratna To The Eminent Educationist

Madan Mohan Malaviya - Bharat Ratna To The Eminent Educationist

The top civilian honor called Bharat Ratna has been announced for the Late Freedom leader, educationist and advocate Pandit Madan Mohan Malaviya.


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The top civilian honor called Bharat Ratna has been announced for the Late Freedom leader, educationist and advocate Pandit Madan Mohan Malaviya. This eminent leader, who was born in Allahabad was the president of Indian National Congress for two terms. He holds the pride of being an educationist because the great minds like Shyama Charan De, Rabindranath Tagore, Mahatma Gandhi and Annie Besant and many other great people have joined their hands with this eminent leader for quest of knowledge. His aim was to bring freedom to the nation with the power of righteousness and education. At this juncture, it is better to understand some details about this educationist and his contributions to the Indian economy that made him gain Bharat Ratna posthumously:

Educational contribution by Malaviyaji:

He was popularly known as ‘Mahamana’ and education to him was a function of celestial order. He has mahaonce stated that ‘there is no subject of greater importance for the welfare of the people than education’. It is only education that can solve different issues in the society like ignorance, communal bitterness and untouchability. It can contribute a great share toward raising the social status of women and harijans. He has stated that the education has no meaning, if it cannot produce a good man. This means that rather than contributing towards social status, education should contribute towards mind-level development of humans.

Education connected to patriotism:

Mahamana considered education close to patriotism. The Banaras Hindu University that was founded by him stands as the glorious epitome of the realism and idealism of Mahamanaji. Some distinctive motives were behind the establishment of this university by Mahamanaji. The motives were:

  • The desire to restore the past glory of the nation
  • The urge to bring together religion and education for developing the spirit towards the nation, which was the pressing need of the pre-independent period.
  • He established the university after rightly realizing the importance of reorganizing the absolutely crumbled Hindu Society.

Before establishing Banaras Hindu University (BHU):

After having realizing the importance of education and the hardships faced by people towards getting educated in the early part of their lives, he established ‘MacDonald Hindu Boarding House’ by collecting a public donation of Rs.1.3 lakh. This house was formed in Allahabad in the year 1903 to accommodate 230 students. This house was considered to be the forerunner for the establishment of BHU, which happened in the year 1916. The planning for this university began in his mind in the year 1900 and it took 16 years to get the shape. This period gap clearly shows the analyzing ability of Malaviyaji and his ability to think workable solutions.

Multifaceted Personality:

Not only educational contribution, his contribution towards Hinduism, social development, legal practice, journalism, politics and Devanagari are highly appreciated. With a view to honor him, the Indian post took the pride of introducing a Postage Stamp of Malaviyaji on the 25th of December 1961. He lost his life at the age of 84 on the 12th of November 1946, after making great contributions to different fields. This is the time for the educational society to celebrate his Bharat Ratna!

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Hello, I am from Jehanabad plz tell me admission to B. Ed to IGNOU is made through entrance test?
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0 # Pallavi 2017-09-26
hii, good to know that you are from Jehanabad, Yes, Admission to B. Ed in IGNOU is made through B. Ed Entrance Test, which is generally conducted during the month of October/September each year.
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0 # Aarav 2017-09-05
Hii, I am from Surat, plz tell me Is there any provision that one can pursue any other management degree or diploma in IIMs without appearing for any entrance test ?
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0 # Pallavi 2017-09-06
No, for getting admission in IIMs for management course, you should have to clear entrance exam, but there are many other MBA colleges in Surat where without entrance you can take admission
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Hello, I am from Purba Medinipur, tell me How can I check whether a B.Ed college is approved by NCTE or not?
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Once you have decided to do your B. Ed from a particular college, you can visit the website of NCTE and can check whether the institution is under the list of approved institution,you can find here find list of NCTE approved b.ed colleges in Purba Medinipur- B.Ed in Purba Medinipur
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