Main things to remember in JEE

Main things to remember in JEE

Does or points to be remember in JEE mains-

  • The most important thing to remember and follow in the examination is the speed of solving questions. One must be quick in solving the questions and in calculating the answers.
  • Use short methods of calculations and also skip irrelevant steps while solving questions to save time.
  • The next thing remembered after speed is accuracy. The speed will be of no use if you calculate the answers wrongly in exam. So be quick but also be accurate while solving the questions.
  • These both speed and accuracy can be attained by practicing the questions. So the main thing is do a lot of practice of solving questions.
  • Be clear with the fundamental and basic concepts it will help you a lot during the examination.
  • Questions are tricky instead of being tough in a JEE mains paper so do practice a lot of tricky questions. Open up your mind and try to get the motto of the question.
  • Focus on solving the problems on your own, while preparing for the exam. Start with conventional methods of problems solving but improvise constantly and build your own shortcuts and ways of problem solving.
  • Never use calculator while preparing for the JEE (Main). Being adept in mental calculations can actually increase your speed to a great extent. As calculators are not allowed ion exams so don’t be in practice to use them for calculations, instead practice the calculations and make your mind sharp to solve them in the minimum time possible.
  • Both speed and strike rate matter. You need to be quick and accurate to achieve high scores. High speed with less accuracy can actually ruin your results.
  • Select the questions wisely, as if you are good at solving easy and moderate questions correctly then solve them first. You may attempt difficult ones later to make better rank, after having attempted easy & moderate questions.
  • This will not only saves your precious time in exam but will increase your score count plus will make you more confident during exam which will again help in increasing your scores.
  • You should avoid subjective study of all the three physics, chemistry and mathematics as the paper will comprise of intermingled objective questions of all these subjects. Better you practice objective questions but with clear concepts.
  • Prioritize after a quick glance and start answering with the question you know best & move progressively to the ones you find difficult after attempting the complete paper. You must definitely attempt questions carrying no negative marks.
  • Read & follow all the instructions given in the question-papers very carefully & Plan your time, keeping extra time in hand for revision. Even those appearing for Online Exam shall be given the option to scroll back the attempted questions and change their answers if necessary before they actually submit their sheet.
  • Don’t be nervous if you find the paper tough since it is the RELATIVE PERFORMANCE that counts. Hence put your best analytical mind to work, it will take you ahead.

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