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MEDSE program under IGNOU (A special M.Ed. program) for all

IGNOU’s MEDSE program

M.Ed. Special Education (especially for the people who want to serve disabled community)

The program is conducted under OGNOU’s special study Centre.

Admission procedure

  • A common entrance test during the month of February is to be passed by the applicant. The session starts from July. The advertisement is published in the month of November in every year for the ensuing session.
  • In a single academic session, only 20 applicants will be considered
  • The SED (Student Evaluation Division) prepares the merit list from among the study centers
  • The job of the Special Study Center is to widely publicize  about the programs through advertisements
  • Finalization of the admission is rested on the concerned Regional Centre
  • Learners are guided about the application process by the special Study Centre
  • It is the responsibility of the Study Centre to contact the concerned regional Centre with the details of the prospective students’ name, father’s name, enrollment number, address, e-mail (optional), optional courses  and contact number.
  • During the month of august, the regional Centre makes the list available for the applicant
  • The concerned regional Centre may guide the learners about any changes in name, father’s name, enrollment number, address, e-mail (optional), optional courses  and contact number.
  • If it is not extremely required, the changes made are not incorporated in the official record; they are kept as formal entry.
  • The admitted learners are informed through mail / email / sms / or through telephone about their admission. The responsibility lies on Special Study Centre (SSC).

Student Card & its importance

Within 30 days of admission, every admitted student is sent a student card by the Regional Director’s office, which must be maintained by the student.

If a student does not get the card within 30 days of admission, the student must contact SSC for the same.

Materials for self-learning

Learners get program guides and self-learning materials either through regional Centre or directly or through SSC.

In case of any failure of receipt of SLM, SSC s is required to refer the case to NCDS, so that learners do not face any problem of course code.


1)       During the month of August / September, the assignments are uploaded to the IGNOU’s web site i.e. www.ignou.ac.in

2)       The forms can be downloaded from this official site’s student zone.

3)       The unsuccessful learners must submit the fresh assignments for the specified year.

4)       In the very first counseling session, the learners are handed out a copy of the assignments by the SSCs

5)       SSCs may fox the date of submission of admission. The late submission of forms are also allowed with late fees (please see the TEE Form section in the website).

6)       The learners are to return the cover page of the assignments top the SSCs (this is as per the rule)

7)       After the evaluation, the assignment is returned to the learner with full remarks.

8)       Other than specific disabled category, all the assignments must be submitted in hand-written form.

9)       A course wise and learner wise record is maintained by the SSCs.

10)   A date for June-TEE is always fixed before 30th of March.

11)    Dates for December-TEE is always fixed before 30th of September

12)   However the provision of late submission of assignments are also there with late fees such as for June TEE…till 15th May and for December TEE …till 15th November.

All learners are provided with assignment completion certificate, to enable them to fill up TEE Form.


Ask our Counsellors

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