N.C.P.E.D.P and what is its importance, especially for the disabled people and also for us
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N.C.P.E.D.P and what is its importance, especially for the disabled people and also for us

When we talk about the educational needs and its corresponding employability of the persons with disability, a prominent entity comes in to the picture in the name of National Centre for Promotion of Employment for Disabled People. The entity has conducted different researches and ended up with horrible facts about the educational as well employability of the disabled people in this country.

To be very clear that many governments with hundreds of MPs from both Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha have talked, discussed and get their speech recorded in the Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha registers but nothing seems to be giving the real fruit for benefitting the millions of potential persons with disability. In fact, these persons with disability are languishing in their homes or in asylums, which are solacing them as rehabilitative measures.

Let us know what is  N.C.P.E.D.P and what is its importance, especially in educational front?

National Centre for Promotion of Employment for Disabled People (N.C.P.E.D.P.) is a registered Trust, ever since 1996. Its Board of Management are from the luminaries of industry, disabled people, N.G.O.s, and international agencies. The motto and emphasis of N.C.P.E.D.P. is to wipe out the age-old views of welfare & charity to those, who are rather productivity and fit for to be empowered, in spite of their disability.

The mandate of the NCPEDP

  • Increasing awareness among public on disability issues.
  • Encouraging the employment opportunities for the disabled people.
  • Empowering the persons with disability through appropriate legislation.
  • Ensuring convenient and easy access to all public places.
  • Equipping the persons with disability with every possible educational opportunities

Some of NCPEDP’s achievements

è  Sensitisation of the corporate world in regards to employing disabled people.

è  Getting the persons with disability included in the all Censuses, starting  from 2001.

è  Knocking the door of the University Grants Commission to announce various schemes for promotion of the higher education for the persons with any kind of disability.

è  Collaborating with the Council of Architecture for ensuring the notion that the subject of disability also forms a part of the curriculum for the upcoming architects with immediate effect so that future can be a safer place for the persons with disability.

è  NCPEDP's campaign for the successful access during the visit of Stephen Hawking.

Planning Commission also has taken the service of N.C.P.E.D.P. as the nodal social sector committee and included the entity as a member of the disability core group to tread along with the NHRC (National Human Rights Commission).

The main Trustees of N.C.P.E.D.P.

Mrs. Sonia Gandhi, in the capacity of Founder Chairperson

Dr. V. Krishnamurthy, Chairman, National Manufacturing Competitiveness Council, in the capacity of Chairman

Executive Trustees

Advisor, Eicher Group of Companies and Former President, Confederation of Indian Industry, Mr. Subodh Bhargava,

The Ex-Chief Minister, Government of N.C.T. of Delhi, Mrs. Sheila Dikshit,

The Managing Director, Godrej & Boyce Manufacturing Co. Ltd., Mr. Jamshyd N. Godrej,

The Chairman, Shell Group of Companies in India, Mr. Vikram Singh Mehta,

The Vice Chairperson, Hindustan Times, Mrs. Shobhna Bhartia,

The Policy Advisor and Consultant Disability and Rehabilitation, Dr. Maya Thomas,

The official Address

National Centre for Promotion of Employment for Disabled People

A-77, South Extention Part II,

New Delhi 110 049

Phone: 011-26265647/26265648

Fax: 011-26265649

E-mail: secretariat@ncpedp.org

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hii, I am from Sant Kabir Nagar, plz tell me what are the graduation options I can do in "medical field"
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Hello, good to see that you are from Sant Kabir Nagar, in medical field, you can do MBBS, BDS, BHMS, BAMS, etc.
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