Pharmacy and its education:

Pharmacy is a profession which is related to health where in it is basically concerned about design of medicine, its production and use of medicine that links the health. The person who study pharmacy is called pharmist.A pharmist knows how the medicine reacts with the body what are its side effects and how to overcome that.

 Pharmacy course can be studied at various levels: Diploma in pharmacy course is of 2 yrs duration, Pharmacy can also be studied after 10+2 and the duration of the course is 4 yrs and the duration of post graduation in pharmacy course is 2 yrs.There are many jobs available for students who opt for pharmacy they can become medical representatives, can work in labs, can start their own business and many more.

Eligibility criteria:

 Students who have completed class 12th with Physics, Chemistry and Biology/Mathematics are eligible for the study of pharmacy. There are top institutes that provide pharmacy courses, there are many pharmacy colleges in India among which few of them are mentioned below:

  BITS-Pilani, BHU, BITS-Ranchi, LM College of Pharmacy-Ahmadabad, Punjab University-Chandigarh and Jadavpur University Calcutta. Graduates in pharmacy course can also opt for post graduation course and can become scientist in future.

Narsee monje institute of management studies offers course in Pharmaceutical management and the duration of this course is 2yrs.Indian Institute of Pharmaceutical Marketing (IIPM), Lucknow offers: MBA Pharma Business Management/Pharma Marketing/Hospital Management/ HealthCare Management/Product Management/ Production Management and the duration of this course is 2 yrs.

 The Pharmaceutical must have the knowledge of about the properties of medicinal products i.e. physical properties and chemical properties, composition of products and their manufacture and its proper use. They must know what is the role of the medicine and how its reacts in the body.

 Admission Procedure to these courses: Most of the top pharmacy colleges in India conduct AIEEE Entrance exam for seeking admissions to B.Pharm courses.After completing B.Pharmacy courses one can study M. Pharmacy courses and M.Pharm is also provided in many specializations like Quality Assurance, Pharmacology, Hospital Pharmacy, Pharmaceutics, Pharmacognosy, Pharmaceutical Biotechnology, Pharmaceutically uses, Pharmaceutical Engineering.

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