PM's Teacher's Day Event - The Paathshala

PM's Teacher's Day Event - The Paathshala

PM's Teacher's Day Event - The Paathshala

Last year (i.e.) in the year 2016, when the Prime Minister of India, interacted with students on the event of Teacher’s Day, many controversies were raised stating that students were forced to watch the event. But, this year on the event of Teacher’s day, there is no such frenzy about the Paathshala of PM Modi. Schools, political parties, students and the government took it as a routine event. This means that the absence of confusing and troublesome debates around the original purpose of the event will make sure that the purpose remains on what the Prime Minister said as against any politics behind.

Schools were instructed:

Previously, instructions were issued by the HRD minister to all schools around the nation to make arrangements for students to view the Prime Minister’s teacher’s day speech on the 4th of September 2016. The Central Board of Secondary Education has also directed all the schools that are affiliated to the board to make necessary arrangements so that students can view the address live. Even though, this instruction was given to schools, it did not have the strict intensity as it was last year.

Glimpse of PM’s Interaction with the students:

  • Reports state that the PM Modi was at his philosophical and innovative best while he was interacting with students at the Manekshaw Auditorium in Delhi.
  • Some of the ideas and thoughts expressed by the PM on his teacher’s day speech are known to have the potential of reshaping the lives of students.
  • When talking about aptitude certificates, the PM said that he has advised the government to work on a plan for making sure that every kid gets a certificate that clearly lists his/her capabilities and talents before he/she leaves the school.
  • He has further added that this aptitude certificate will help students much more as compared to a character certificate that is generally issued at the time of leaving the school. The PM insisted on the aptitude certificate because every student, even those who ended up in the prison in the later part of his life has a character certificate from school, which just acts as a formality.
  • When talking about his own school life, the PM said that he was not a bright student as most of his thoughts during the student-life were outside the classroom. This is the reason why he learned many things in his life through public speaking, leadership and poetry. He also insisted that the reason behind is success was not parental pressure, but it was because of his refusal to fail.

Trademark Assonances:

Of course, the PM’s speech on teacher’s day had many trademark assonances and slogans. For instance, he used the term ‘waste to wealth’ to denote his Swachh Bharat mission, which still stays high on his agenda. He has stated that this campaign towards clean India has taken its deep roots, pointing out the new app introduced by school girls from Bengaluru on waste disposal that won awards and accolades.

Request to educated citizens:

When talking about teacher’s day and the contributions made by eminent teachers towards shaping the minds of young children, who are the future generation of the society, Mr. Modi insisted that every citizen of the country, who can teach must volunteer 100 hours of teaching in a nearby school. He stated that this initiative will solve the recurrent problem of shortage of good teachers in schools.

The PM’s speech on teacher’s day ended with a question-answer session from high-achieving students from schools across the nation and an error-free interaction happened with students off-site, thanks to the technology. This is stated to be the biggest credit to the Digital India Dream. The event also showcased Bal Narendra, the glimpse of the PM himself during his childhood days.

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