Role of Newspaper in Competitive Exams

Role of Newspaper in Competitive Exams

Role of Newspaper in Competitive Exams

In the current era of competition in all the fields, it has become difficult to survive without being aware of what’s happening around and how others are dealing with it. Such happenings can be easily tracked by various means like visual media, audios and printed media. Alike other media, printed media plays a significant role to keep the public updated about everything going on across the globe.

Power of Newspaper

Newspapers are a powerful means of communication for everyone. It has its own advantages over other media types. One can store newspaper at a very low cost and it’s handy to read. One can read newspaper while traveling in a bus, sitting in office or any other place. People always have the option to look back to an article released long ago.

Important for Competitive Exams

Competitive exams have always focused on the awareness of the people appearing for it. Awareness of the latest happenings in the world is given high priority in competitive exams. The Project Director, Hill Area Development Programme, Srinivas R. Reddy said that those aspiring to enter the all India services should be well informed with good general knowledge. Newspaper makes it easy to be prepared for such exams. Newspapers have made the competitive exams easy. One can easily find mock up tests papers and expectations from the candidates in various articles in newspapers. The best way of keeping abreast of developments and current affairs is reading newspaper and not scanning internet. One should not restrict himself the sections of his/her interest.

Effective way of keeping oneself updated

Newspaper are therefore one of the most effective way of keeping oneself updated and ready for the competitive exams. But, in country like India, Media is very controlled because of the administration. Administration should always let the correct information to be released and keep a check on the integrity of information published therefore. Newspaper are therefore helping everyone to be prepared for the competitions and it should be used at its best as it has so many positive differences from the other media.

Newspaper plays a vital role in day to day life of all of us .in each and every field it required to check the updated information .admission notification, job alert ,day to day life ,Business updating ,entertainment etc. .These all field can be seen in the newspaper.

For student purpose newspaper is very essential and important its updated news help the students in preparation of exam .so that today there are many ways of newspaper –online newspaper, different language newspaper etc. All the different kinds of newspaper give information.

Reading newspapers every day is very important for both students and adults for growth of life and enlightenment irrespective of the class or field of their life. Reading newspaper every day is highly educational, and an important informal education in that. One can ignore this important function of the life at own peril. Every student must read newspaper daily for updating and getting all knowledge of all around the world to keep them update and meet the expectation of life.

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