Scholarships for school students, know the gravity of opportunity in Toto
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Scholarships for school students, know the gravity of opportunity in Toto

Prestigious award programs and scholarships from the school life in India

SEATS (Scheme for Early Attraction of Talent):-

Department of Science & Technology (Government of India) conducts the umbrella program in every year under the auspices Inspired of Innovation in Science & Pursuit for Research (INSPIRE).

The program in short: - The candidates are encouraged to make, demonstrate and transport (as needed for the exhibition purpose) some science projects. The successful students get certificates which are very much prized and recognized.

Encouragement amount: -

Each of the participating students gets rupees five thousands.

Who conducts the scholarship and award program?

Department of Science & Technology (Government of India)

General information of the program:-

An act was passed by Govt. of India in the year 2016 for compulsory and guaranteed free education to all children within the age bracket of 6 to 14, which has made the primary school enrolment up to 98 per cent. The figure is an impressive one.

In spite of this figure, if disabled’ and girls’ participation is examined, it is still appalling, if post-primary education level is taken in to consideration.  Specially the girls drop out after some time and participate in the domestic chores or get married at the earliest of their age progression.

Figures of “out-of-school” for the girls

According to some survey about the school drop outs, it was found that the girls constitute 62% of them. The most alarming point in this issue is girls, whose age bracket is 15 to 24, are 2/3rd of the illiterate community in Indian society.

The number of prestigious scholarships

There are 12 scholarships for the school goers.

The purpose of the scholarships for the school students

The main purpose of these prestigious programs of scholarship is to motivate the school students through social recognition and monetary support. Besides this, a student’s confidence level gets boosted up and rightly nurtured through his or her academic accolades, which ultimately get percolated throughout their academic life even up to the PhD or post PhD level.  Many international universities and colleges do recognise these awards. This does make impressive impacts in their job-lives too.

Why many remain ignorant about the award program?

In spite of the magnanimity of the program, there is least knowledge about the program. The reason is even in this age of information, the right publicity in the right place is not found. The parents of yester years are not that much knowledgeable about IT resources. The present days’ parents who use IT platforms or digital world give least time to these academic hemispheres. Only a few modern parents know or get updated about this.

The days are not far off when everybody will have the latest gadgets and becomes well-aware of these programs, however spreading the awareness among the general mass, which must not be within the modern gadget lavish world but to the farthest corner of our country is very much needed. The radio programs can play a significant role in this matter.

Social media does make a significant contribution, but the poorest of the poor, that too living in the remotest part of our country must not be deprived of this information. There is no doubt that the farthest part of any nation can sow the seeds of brilliance.


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