Science Olympiad Foundation (India) has many schemes as scholarships----see if you are eligible
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Science Olympiad Foundation (India) has many schemes as scholarships----see if you are eligible

Girl Child Scholarship Scheme by SOF

SOF means Science Olympiad Foundation has introduced a scholarship program in the name of GCSS that is Girl child scholarship scheme. The aim of the organization is to promote as well encourage the education of a poor girl child.

National Office:-

Science Olympiad Foundation, National Office: Plot No. 99, Sector 44, Gurgaon

How many scholarships are awarded in a year?

In a year, 300 scholarships are awarded in a year to the poor girls, from across the country.

Condition of eligibility for the scholarship

i)                    The family income of the applicant must not be over Rs. 15,000 per month

ii)                  The principal of the school must recommend for the scholarship

Amount of scholarship

A successful candidate will be eligible for Rs. 5,000 in a year

The detail information of the scheme

a)       The program is encouraging a girl child under GCSS (Girl child scholarship scheme) scheme

b)       The principal of the school must recommend the case

c)       The will be released at the end of calendar year.

d)       The amount will be sent through cheque at the school, where the candidate is studying

Selection criteria

1)       Only the girl student is eligible

2)       School’s recommendation is mainly considered

3)       Only a single girl can be recommended from a school

4)       The proposal must be signed by the school authority

5)       A specified format has to be followed and to be completed in all respects

6)       The tenure of the candidate must be from class 2 to class 10, not less than that.

7)       The candidate must have secured at least 60 % marks or its equivalent grade in her previous exam for being recommended

8)       The previous exam’s report card, duly certified by the school authority, has to be enclosed in the application form

9)       In case the girl child has major physical disability, the marks criteria can be waived of.

10)   The total family income ( both parents’) must not be more than Rs. 15,000 per month

11)   A designated committee from SOF will examine the deserving candidate for selection.

12)   All the qualifying candidates will be individually notified in addition to the intimation to the school authority.

13)   The committee’s decision is final and unchallenging

14)   In case anyone challenges any selection, the jurisdiction is vested only to the Delhi courts

Scholarship for Excellence in English (S.E.E)

S.E.E. is another branch of scholarship from SOF (Science Olympiad Foundation) with the collaboration of British Council of India.

The award is given to the candidates for excelling in English. The award is given only to the School students.

What about the scholarship?

The main purpose of the scholarship

The organisers of this scholarship program want to encourage the students right from the school level to inculcate English as the second language in the budding age.

Since the organisers.... 1) Science Olympiad Foundation, with the objectives of promoting science among the brilliant students and.... 2) British Council, encourages to promote English among these brilliant students, their joint efforts have a meaning for the Indian students.

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