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TANA Foundation Scholarships in Andhra Pradesh

TANA Foundation, which is expanded as Telugu Association of North America foundation has set an endowment for awarding scholarships to meritorious students, who are financially weaker. On the basis of the current returns of the foundation, this endowment covers about 8 scholarships. However, the foundation wishes to make more and more contributions for the sake of the future generation of the society and this is why the foundation is looking for sponsors to help them out. Each scholarship will worth US $225 and a request of commitment for a minimum of four years. The foundation ensures that each sponsor will be directly connected to the recipient of the financial aid in such a way that the sponsor can get to know the progress of the recipient then and there.

Low family income:

Meritorious students are chosen from the low income families with less than 65000 income per year and the students will be chosen from the families that does not come under reserved category and does not get any form of financial support from the government. According to the Andhra Pradesh government norms, the government will reimburse the tuition fee for students taking up professional studies. But, TANA foundation states that many students are still left without any form of financial support.

Books and living expenses:

Even though, the government of Andhra Pradesh reimburses their tuition fee, the economic background of these students make it tougher for them to find resources for books and other living expenses. This is why TANA foundation gives these candidates a scholarship of Rs. 12000 per annum, until the completion of their professional degrees like engineering. It is important that to renew their scholarship in the following year, each student will have to maintain a good grade of marks every year.


For the year 2012, TANA foundation awarded 50 scholarships and in the year 2013 their goal was 100 with 50 renewals and 50 new scholarships. Like this, the foundation begins each year with certain goal and they strive to meet the same. The foundation works with the motto that there is no better gift to a less fortunate person other than a good education. This will in addition to uplifting the person in life, will also help in the upliftment of the entire family.

Youth scholarships:

TANA foundation offers different scholarships and youth scholarship is one such program, where in the foundation offers 4 $1000 scholarships for high school seniors, who pursue higher education in North America. The selection of students for this scholarship will be on the basis of economic needs, academic performance and reference from teacher.

Graduates Scholarships:

This is another type of scholarship offered by TANA and this is meant for Telugu students presently residing at Andhra Pradesh. These students can get scholarship to pursue higher education in the United States. This scholarship is announced by the foundation every year calling for applications from eligible candidates to apply for the same. Each recipient will get $500 each semester on submission of the grades they have got in the previous semester.

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