The Socially and Economically Weaker Students in India can avail scholarships from LIC (India)
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The Socially and Economically Weaker Students in India can avail scholarships from LIC (India)

LIC Scholarships for the Economically Weaker Students in India

Scholarship Position Team India had introduced a scholarship program for the socially and economically weaker students in India on august 2016. The name of the program is “LIC Golden Jubilee Scholarships” is to commemorate the golden jubilee year and make the occasion remarkable through a social cause.

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Scope of the scholarship

The scholarly enthusiastic Indian students of the disadvantaged sections of the society are encouraged through this program. The students can be from any government or private college or university. By availing this opportunity the economically and socially weak sections of the Indian ambitious students can fulfil their dream of higher education.

The scholarship will cover all types of vocational and industrial training courses from across the country.

Regular evaluation of the scholarship

LICGJF will regularly evaluate the progress of the scheme.

Procedure of the application

LIC Golden jubilee Foundation will send the detailed procedures of the scholarships.

Affiliation of the courses under scholarship

The courses under the scholarship must be affiliated by the NCVT (National Council for Vocational Training), Government of India.

Objective of the scholarship

Objective of the scholarship is to elevate the socio-economically weak students of the society and encourage them to avail the chances of employability in the job market.

Rate of scholarship

The scholarship is 10,000 in total (Rs.1000 per month for 10 months in a year). The amount will be sent directly to the bank account of the candidate.

Eligibility for the scholarship

The applicants must have finished their XII level of education. The applicants must be interested to take up higher education as a full time student. The streams of studies are:

a)       Arts/Science/Commerce

b)        Diploma courses in any field

c)       Degree courses in Engineering or in

d)       Medicine

e)        Any Vocational course which can lead a student to immediate employment and the minimum education qualification in those places has been slated to be plus 2.

f)        The annual income of the family must not exceed 60,000 per annum or 5,000 per month.

g)       The minimum secured marks in the XII level of exam is 60 % or its equivalent.

Duration of the scholarship

The facility of the scholarship will be available for the entire course.

Conditions to be applied for awarding the scholarship

Only the poorest & meritorious of the candidates will get the preference of being selected in an ascending order.

Conditions to become disqualified for this scholarship even after being selected

A)       If a candidate secures less than 55% in other groups and 50% in B.A. and B.Com in the previous final exam, the candidate will lose the opportunity.

B)       The renewal of scholarship in the yearly basis depends on the scores, as mentioned above.

C)       No candidate will be allowed to continue with the scholarship beyond the normal period of time.

D)      No second child/candidate in a family will get the chance of getting the scholarship.

E)       If a student is not regular in his or her attendance, the university or the college or the school authority will have the absolute power of continuing or cancelling the scholarship.

F)       For the self-employed parents:- A self-certificated income proof on non-judicial stamp paper has to be provided as the affidavit

G)      For the employed parents: - A salary certificated as income proof has to be provided as the income proof certificate.

H)      If any candidate violates any of the above rules, he or she will be suspended or cancelled from the scholarship program.

I)        If any student is found to have furnished any false certificate or information, the candidature will be cancelled forthwith and the amount will be recovered from the candidate, at the discretion of concerned authority of the LIC.

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