Time Management Tips For Students

Time Management Tips For Students

When talking about the life of a student, it is generally packed with activities that are leading them towards educational and personal development. Each and every aspect of college life, regardless of whether they are exams, placements, college events, friends, sports, classes or any other task, everything needs time and involvement. When it comes to college life, some students will be on top in each and every aspect, while some of them will be lagging behind. It is important that each and every student should identify the category to which he/she belongs to. To become the best student, it is important that each and every student should understand effective time management techniques. Here are some tips that will help students in this regard:

Know your stand:

To make use of time in an effective manner, it is important that students should first understand their present stand. This means that they should find where they are presently spending most of their time. This can be understood by taking a note of the daily routine. It is better to list down each and every activity you do in a single day and when you allocate specific time for each of these activities, it will help in effective management of time. However, the list should never be prepared in a single day. You should watch your activities and keep updating the list until you find that you have covered all your activities.

Understanding priorities is important:

It is important to identify your priorities initially; it can be your family, friends, education, career, health, travel or anything you fell. Then, put the things in the order of 1 to 10. This will help you in identifying, which should be given utmost priority and which should come in the second, third, fourth and further positions. The thing to remember here is that evaluation of your priorities is a continuous process and they will keep changing with time. So, the best thing you can do is to start with an initial draft and can keep revising the list.

Identifying the goals:

A goal is something that you are interested in achieving. Here, you should consider the important areas of your life like skill development, finance, relationship, health and career. Identify the things you will have to achieve under these broad categories and when you have clear goals under these categories, they will provide you the motivation to keep things moving within the available short period. Remember that your goals should be fixed on the basis of SMART principle. This means that it should be Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Time bound.

Analysis of gap:

When you follow the above-mentioned steps, you will be in a position to identify, where your time is mostly consumed, how your priorities are held and you will also be in a position to identify your goals as well. Now, analyze whether you are spending your time on the goals based on your priorities. Remember that the item that holds the highest position in your priorities list should be given more time.

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# Nishith 2017-03-25
Hii, I am from Rampur, plz tell me Is there any provision that one can pursue any other management degree or diploma in IIMs without appearing for any entrance test ?
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# Shruti 2017-03-26
No, for getting admission in IIMs for management course, you should have to clear entrance exam, but there are many other MBA colleges in Rampur where without entrance you can take admission
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