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Top 6 Skills to Showcase In An MBA Group Discussion

Group discussion is conducted during MBA admission process with a view to evaluate the approach of candidates towards a team and also to identify how you can manage and represent your ideas within the team without hurting anyone. The reason for this evaluation is that the MBA aspirants are expected to work as team leaders and even as heads of organizations in the future. They should in a position to make quick decisions and they should have the ability to express their views explicitly. For succeeding in Group Discussion, it is important that candidates must possess good communication skill to express their views in the right perspective. The following 6 skills are to be portrayed by candidates during the MBA group Discussion:

  1. Ability to work as a team: When you are in the MBA admission, group interview, the important point you will have to remember is that the behavior of most of the humans will differ when they are in a group as against when they are alone. Some have low confidence level, particularly when they are made to talk in front of a group. Even though, they know the points to be put forth, due to the fear they cannot express their thoughts. So, when you are preparing for GD, remember that you should never have fear for group talking. When you have such a fear, just practice to get out of the same by participating in mock GDs if possible.
  2. Communication Skill: Some candidates stammer when talking in front of a group due to low confidence level. Such traits will show case that you are not convinced of your own thoughts and so this itself might turn out to be the reason why the admission committee might reject you. So, you should showcase your confidence and this can be achieved only when you have a good communication ability. So, it is better to make yourself stronger in this area.
  3. Reasoning Ability: This is another parameter judged by the admission committee among MBA Aspirants. You should develop your ability to collect your thoughts quickly and should be in a position to represent the same in a concise manner.
  4. Leadership skills: As you know, leadership skill is highly important when you are in a group and are interested in leading the group as well. Once you collect the thoughts, just go ahead and start the proceedings to showcase your leadership ability. But, you should remember to respect the opinions of others as well. When you start the proceedings, your initiative skill will also be judged.
  5. Assertiveness: This skill will help you stay away from negativity during group discussion. When one of the participants, criticize the other, there are chances of the discussion getting to a deadlock position. But, when you possess the ability to take the discussion further, your management skill will be showcased.
  6. Flexibility: When you are putting forth your points, you should be flexible enough to accept the views of others as well. This is the quality of a good leader. A good leader will never fail to recognize the valid suggestions given by each and every individual in a group.

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