Top 7 Wedding Photography Courses

Top 7 Wedding Photography Courses

Top 7 Wedding Photography Courses

Wedding Photography is one of the best photography course in which the photographers take the photographs of the bride, the groom and the whole wedding location. Though it is one of the interesting works it requires bit hard work. To be successful wedding photographer one should also have great practical skills and the knowledge about all the techniques of the photography.

One can make good career in Photography if you study the photography course from the good reputed university. Because the university will help you to certify all the skills that are required for the job.

The number of courses of certificate, the diploma and the advanced diploma level along with the professional trainings are available at universities.

List of top Wedding Photography Courses in World

1.Ryerson University, Canada

The G.Raymond Chang School of continuing education at  the Ryerson University provides traditional and digital photography courses. There are different modes of studying the courses which are of introductory to the specialized levels.

The introductory courses help the beginners to understand how to produce the good images while the specialization course involves learning the techniques that are required in the profession. Among all the specializations that are available in the courses the wedding photography is one of them.

The instructors are well trained and award winning professionals.  Wide knowledge and applications are covered in the courses and hands on workshops are also conducted by the school. Certificate in photography studies is the basic program which can be completed either full time or part time. Equipments and the other facilities are made available to the students in the class rooms.

2. University of Akron, United states

Workforce development and the continuing education at the University of Akron provide the wedding photography course which can be pursued by the professional or a advanced amateur. This is an advanced level course and also requires the students to the fast learners. There are many other photography courses that are provided at the university out of which the wedding photography and the wedding and the event design are the wedding related courses.

This course provides the wedding emergency kit and the basics of the wedding planning while the wedding photography course also includes the topics like ceremonies, the equipments the candid shots and the formal portraits etc. It is completed in 6 classes which are held only on Tuesday. Well experienced photographers having experience with 1000 wedding clients are the instructors for this course.

3. University of California, riverside (UCR), United States

Digital wedding photography course is available at the University of California, Riverside. The course is meant for the beginners as well as professionals. During the course, the students would be able to learn the tips and techniques used in the photography.

Apart from this the course would enable them to know how to market oneself, which equipment is required to be selected and the workflow of the environment. The course is unique because it involves the discussions and the class critiques. Students need to complete the assignments while they also gain the practical experience. Students get the chance to cover the wedding and get the experience  as well.

4. Columbus State University, United states

Under the continuing education program the university provides the photography program which is held at the tankin arts photography center. All the levels of professionals can study the course including the entry level to experienced professional photographers. The course first provides basic knowldege of photography and afterwards classes are held covering interesting topics viz bridal portraiture, Photoshop, studio photography etc.

It is the non credit certificate courses in which one compulsory fundamental class and other five classes are required to be attended by the students to qualify for the certificate courses. Students must have 75% attendance in the class and they are required to complete the course in 3 yrs. Also they should prepare a portfolio and attend the certificate presentation ceremony.

5. Nottingham Trent University, United Kingdom

Under the creative short courses at the university, the wedding photography course is available for the amateur to the recently graduated student. The course involves details like handling the camera, adjust the lighting, autofocus etc. Students would get the lot of time for practicing photography in the studio. They would also be able to know how to handle the clients. Also the practical session involves the editing the images using the computer software.

Moreover the students would get the chance to interact with professional’s photographers and get their guidance on marketing and business skills .The course is held at the photography department of the Nottingham Trent University. It is the full time course and the classes are held for 3 days. Various types and techniques are involved in the course.

6. Central Institute of technology, Western Australia

Advanced diploma of photography at the institute provides the practical skills and the knowledge of the professional photography. It is of 1 year duration and is also held in two semesters. It is full time course and help in making your career in wedding or portrait photography. Students are required to take their own camera to study the course. With this course the student will gain the skills like composing and editing the pictures, studio lighting techniques, creating photo journalism, managing business etc.

Once you complete the course one can make career as the freelance photographer, photo journalist, portrait photographer and many other options. The course is recognized by the Australian Institute of professional photography and is taught by the well experienced media professionals. It also has the pathway programs in other universities like Curtin University.

7. University of Wisconsin -Milwaukee United States

The school of continuing education at the university provides wedding photography course in which student learn the tricks, the methods and the techniques that are required to practice wedding photography. The course requires interpersonal skills apart from the artistic qualities and the technical skills. It includes the various topics like candid photography, bridal portrait, must have shots, location lighting etc.

various tools and the techniques are required here to shoot the great pictures at the wedding are well taught in this course. The prerequisite for studying the course is that the candidate must have the knowledge in the intermediate digital photography. Moreover the award winning photography is the instructor of this course.

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