Top and Best Flying Schools in India

Top and Best Flying Schools in India

Top and Best Flying Schools in India

The definition of flying according to pilots means an Exhilarating experience. Being a Pilot by profession is all about getting paid to do something you love along with having an office that travels and sights that keep changing.

But again this is not the end in order to be a successful pilot one requires the basic knowledge, the intellect, the ability to think and perform the action quickly, working tough terrains and even working for odd hours.

Hence the job of pilot is very hard.

Kanishk singh  ut flofficer with Air India says since childhood he was passionate about flying. His passion for exploring the skies made his leave the engineering studies mid way and then he contacted the best flying schools in India to get the firm foothold into the profession and today he says he has no complaints.

Below mentioned is the list of top 5 Indian Flying Institutes in India

1. Indira Gandhi Rashtriya Uran Akademi

One of the best incident associated with this college is that our Late PM Rajiv Gandhi before joining the politics worked as a co-pilot with Indian Airlines and he laid the foundation stone for the IGRUA in the year 1985. IGRUA is a government body that offers the courses such as ab-initio to commercial pilot Licence, Simulator training as per the candidate's requirements, multi enginer endorsement, instrument rating, CRM workshop, MMC Course and ab-initio to the Commercial Pilots Licence course for the foreign nationals as per the regulatory requirements in their respective countries.

The aircrafts that are used for the tranings in this institute are TB-20, zlin, DA-40 and DA-42.

Getting admission in this flying school in India is not easy, only by paying enough amount of money you cannot admission in it. Candidates here are shortlisted for the selection on the basis of two hour written test that is followed by the pilot aptitude test.

Once the candidate clears these two rounds they are also eligible to appear before the interview panel that consists of representatives from the NACIL, DGCA, a psychologist and IGRA examiners.

2. National Flying training Institutes

This flying school was established in the year 2016.NFTI is one among the 9 flying schools that was established by the CAE Oxford Aviation academy, which is one of the best flying schools in the world. This flying school is located at Gondia in Maharashtra and is also sometimes referred to as CAE Oxford Aviation Academy Gondia.

The other locations in the world where CAE has centres are Oxford, Amsterdam, and brussels, Hongkong, Melbourne, Perth, Phoenix and Rae Bareli in India. NFTI trains the candidates on the modern training fleet of DA 40 and DA 42.

The candidates here are offered 19 months pilot training programs that comprises the ground school courses which are in accordance to the instructors as laid out by the Directorate General of Civil Aviation and the International Civil Aviation Organizations.

3. Madhya Pradesh Flying Club

MPFC came into existance in the year 1951 and till 1982 it maintaine and operated   the aircrafts that were belonging to the MP government.The club is also well known to train the Indian Air force pilots from time to time.

MPFC has a fleet of Cessna -152/A, Cessna172R and multi enginer six -seater aircraft P-68C-TC and Baron G58 for training the aspiring pilots.

4. Ahmedabad Aviation and Aeranautics Ltd

This flying school was established in the year 1994 and operates from its own hangers at SV Patel International Airport Ahmedabad and Mehsana Airfield.

Ahmedabad Aviation and Aeronautics ltd  presently have five single engineer aircraft Cessna 152/Cessna 172 and one single/multiengine flight simulator.

AAA presently also has 4 ground instructors and five flight instructors for the batch of 70 students.

5. Bombay flying club

Bombay Flying club started its operation since 1928 the Bombay Flying club is affiliated to the Mumbai University and GDCA.

The father of aviation in India Mr.JRD Tata in February 1929 obtained his pilot license from this flying school.

The flying club has a fleet of PIPER PA18, Cessna 152 A, and Cessna 172, Cessna172R, Single Enginer and Seneca aircraft.

This flying school offers the BSc in Aviation /Aeronautics degree and apart from these interested candidates can even receive the training in aircraft maintenance engineering and cabin crew training.

The above mentioned names are some of the good flying schools in India.

Most Flying Courses and training is very expensive to the tune of over Rs 25 lakhs. There are some states in the country such as Bihar sponser selected the students to receive the pilot training at different state flyingschools. Hence research properly well before you decide it.

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Hii, I am from Hassan, I would like to do B.Ed from distance, Is there any university that offers B. Ed through distance mode
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Yes, many universities from across the country including Hassan offer this course through distance mode and the prestigious of them is IGNOU, Annamalai University to name a few.
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I am prashant kumar from Bihar(Nalanda)
and I get admission in Flying school so
admission process and fee details and financial help give me please.
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I am Persuing in bba .can I eligible for flying school.
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