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Types Of Personalities You Will See During GD

Immediately after completion of CAT and other MBA entrance examinations and once the results are out, candidates will be called to appear for Group Discussion and Written Ability Test, if the marks they have secured in the qualifying examination and in the entrance test are satisfactory. The GD will be followed by or preceded by Personal Interview (PI).

It is generally, easier to showcase the talent of an individual in PI as against GD. The reason is that the former is one-on-one conversation with the panel of interviewers, while the latter is a group based session. In GD, it becomes important that the candidates will have to present their opinion with about 6-8 other candidates, who will be trying to enforce their opinion simultaneously to impress the admission committee. In general, the performance of a candidate in this session is affected by the people around him/her. So, it is better to get an understanding about the different kinds of personalities that students can come across during these sessions, so that they can somewhat manage.


When this session begins, there will not be any particular role or character assigned to the participants. However, the roles will be automatically taken or they come in automatically during the discussion. In most of the circumstances, one person will stand out and will emerge to be a leader of the group. Leaders are individuals, who direct the discussion and it is not essential that they must be speaking all the time, but they can eventually take care of what happens during the session and they can ensure that the session goes well. They will showcase their talent by trying to give a chance to all the members of the group to share their views. Even though, they tend to be generous, they will be very quick in observing things.

Discussion hogs:

It is common to find one of more of this type of personality during the GD. These people keep saying something for anything and for everything. They generally have the tendency to dominate the discussion and they can be harmful as they do not allow others to express their thoughts.


This type of student will be shy in nature and they do not speak too much. The reason is that they might feel over-powered by other strong contenders or they might be lacking confidence. These people may or may not express their views and even when they express there are chances of cutting their views. But, if they are encouraged by the leader of the group, they can express their points of view in an organized manner.


These are people, who will have a question for each and every point expressed by the other members in the group. These people generally showcase their challenge against the strong contenders in the group. The questions raised by these people can sometimes be wrong and they can be right as well. They play an important role because they can bring out the facts. But, sometimes, they can ask some embarrassing or personal questions.

The other types of people, you can come across are loud/aggressive speakers, observers, protectors and butchers.

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