What is motivation for you as a student?

Useful tips to motivate students


Motivating students is one of the key responsibilities of a teacher yet pretty tough. There was a time when I was associated with training industry. At times had to handle a batch strength of 20/25 teenagers. This is that age group which is full of life and gets easily bored as well. So my prime focus always remained to keep students motivated while conducting a session. They should feel interested to continue with a particular class. If students remain repressed and discouraged during a session, learning can never be completed. Therefore motivation is the prima facie of learning. If it’s done correctly, motivation can be immensely rewarding for a teacher. Here are few effective ways to make a boring learning session a fun filled experience:

ü  Be inspiring! Proper appreciation can boost the self-confidence of a student to the T! Many teachers undermine proper recognition. But they forget the fact that more a student feels valued and appreciated of his work, no matter how miniscule it is, the better performer he/she becomes in the long run. Phrases like ‘’Keep it up’’ and ‘’well done’’ can create wonders!

ü  Assign individual tasks to the students. The more they remain engaged in doing something that they love to the better ownership sense they develop. Group work motivates one student to help another who is a fledgling. Assign proper duties and tasks and see the difference it makes to your next class.

ü  Add a pinch of creativity in your classroom session. Who on earth likes monotony? They are kids after all. Bring variety with may be a movie session or a eating out! Use colorful stickers to make them feel enthusiastic! Also you can go for different games or puzzles or teasers for kids. Creativity eliminates humdrum situation and works as an excellent stimulant!

ü  Allure your students with some incentives! Who doesn’t want to get rewarded? I still remember the day when I had declared a free speech session for my trainees and after it got over, I rewarded three best performers! Consolation prizes were also there. It’s nothing just giving an extra push to the students and making them motivated to give their best!

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