What next after graduation?

What next after graduation?

Just completed your graduation….Congratulations!!! You have completed an important step of your life. But now what next? Have you got a job in hand with a fat pay package or you still want to boost up your skills with higher degree? If you want to study further, there are plethora of pathways available in Indian market with different streams Not sure!!! Let’s think…

  • Does your graduation degree makes you eligible to fetch you your dream job? If yes, you can join it and can enhance your skills by doing online certificate courses, part time or distance learning diplomas.

  • You do not want to do job in same field in which you have completed your graduation. You might have taken up certain subjects in graduation due to pressure from family, friends and society but making a living out of it does not appeal to you. If this is the case, you must take help from professional career counsellors who with help of certain personality and aptitude tests can figure out your strengths. Once this is known, you can opt for a post-graduation course or explore working in that area.

  • You have to supplement family income. Here too, you should opt for job which matches your interest and strengths otherwise you will end up with a sense of disillusionment and you will start feeling negative about being in job and life will become a burden.

  • You do not want to stop learning process and enjoy studies. Working environment gives you more learning than academic environment. It also makes you more clear and confident on what options you can take for further academic options. You can simultaneously start preparations of various entrance examinations. Many premier colleges gives preference to experienced candidates while enrolling for post graduate courses.

  • Should I be taking up MBA? We would suggest you should but you should not consider it as a guarantee to be successful. It would still depend on various factors like the hard work you put, whether you chose MBA specialization according to your strengths etc. MBA is not a piece of cake and you will have to put many sleepless nights doing your assignments, projects, researching on net, preparing for group discussions, attending lectures, appearing for tests etc. But if you are sure of yourself, don’t miss any opportunity to enroll for it.

Various courses other than MBA which you may opt for are:-

  • Computer courses (Software/Hardware/Networking/Web designing/Animation)
  • Mass Communication and Journalism
  • Hotel management
  • Travel and Tourism
  • Bio Technology
  • Aviation (Air Hostess/ Pilot)
  • Law
  • Teaching
  • Banking
  • Defence / Civil Services
  • Modelling
  • Architecture
  • Film Acting/Direction/Production
  • Medical Transcription
  • Technical/ Content writing
  • Entrepreneurship/Self employment

Whatever you do, please do according to your interests and strengths. Success will surely kiss your feet sooner or later.

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