What To Do If Not Selected In A Campus Placement after MBA?
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What To Do If Not Selected In A Campus Placement after MBA?

Nowadays, most of the engineering and MBA institutions are promising campus placement to their aspiring students. So, students and parents get into the institution with the dream of finding placement in a good company immediately after or even in the final year of the course. But, the fortunate opportunity of getting selected in campus interview is not happening to all students. Not getting selected in such a placement drive during or after the MBA course is something that can sound like a dreaded dream for many such graduates.

There are also chances that his friends might have got placed, but when a student has alone not got such an opportunity, the frustration and agony doubles. The reason behind not getting placement can be anything like some industrial constraints, not up-to-the-mark performance in the interview, lack of skill set, etc. Not finding a placement will further increase the stress, when a student has joined the course with the help of an educational loan, which should be repaid. This kind of situation is something that everyone hates, but what to do if things do not turn up to the expectation? Let us find here:

Consult career service: Remember that you should never lose hope, if you cannot find placement in the campus interviews. Most of the corporate houses post their talent hunts with career consultant centres at universities and colleges, as against posting them on the common notice boards. Most of the B-schools these days have their own career counseling centres to help students by connecting them with their prospective employers.

Regional job board: Nowadays, the world of internet has brought everything to our homes and job portals are no exception to this rule. So, you can use these portals to find your dream job. Even, you can get the help of your college counseling services when you are confused about the jobs to apply for.

Mine your network: It is crucial for MBA students to build their network right from their college days. They can develop their network with professors, seniors, fellow students and can maintain as much connections as possible. Remember that nearly 80% of top jobs are not posted publicly and when you have a strong network, those friends can inform you about an opening that you might not know otherwise. Even, your friends in the network may refer to you open positions as well.

Setting up small goals: Of course, your obvious aim is to find the right job, but you should keep your options open by attending one or two networking events per month or you can also follow the strategy of applying to a specific number of positions per week. When this is done, you are setting yourself achievable small goals, which will keep you motivated.

Applying for jobs: When you are applying for jobs externally and not through your campus placement, it is all the more important that you should customize your resume according to the job for which you plan to apply.

Be confident: Of course, your confidence level will be low after not getting selected in campus drives. But, you should stay confident, which should also reflect in your body language when attending interviews. Wishing you all success!

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# Rohan 2017-04-04
hii, I am from Bardhaman, plz tell me what are the graduation options I can do in "medical field"
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# Mukesh 2017-04-05
Hello, good to see that you are from Bardhaman, in medical field, you can do MBBS, BDS, BHMS, BAMS, etc.
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