What To Do When You Do Not Know Anything About The Topic In GD?
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What To Do When You Do Not Know Anything About The Topic In GD?

Remember that no one in this world is born as an encyclopedia. Even though, you might keep yourself updated about the latest happenings in the society, there are chances that you might stumble upon a conversation, wherein you know nothing, but about the topic. When this happens during a group discussion, your stress level will reach rocket height. Here are some things you can do in such a situation, rather than allowing your stress level to boost up:

Give close attention:

Generally, it is believed that if a candidate does not speak during the first half of the GD, the chances of getting admission diminishes. But, this is just a belief as you can contribute at any time during a GD. All that is essential is that your point should be relevant and it should be delivered appropriately, at any point of the discussion. Since you do not know anything about the niche that is being discussed, just listen to what others will have to say and try to get an understanding about the concept, so that you can put forth your ideas as well finally.

Project confidence:

When you are sitting in a group discussion, it is highly important that you should project confidence. Sometimes, your body language and facial expression will show off the truth that people wish to hide. Do not panic, just because you do not know anything, but showcase your confidence during the whole process.

Try to find a similar subject from discussion:

The great thing about GD is that some participants can use their talent for diverting the discussion to the niche in which they have knowledge. For instance, if the discussion is about hockey, you can slowly take it to your area of interest like cricket. But, the key here is to find the right time and opportunity to do this.

If you are not discussing, give a good summary:

Just because you do not know anything about the niche, you can maintain silence all through the process. But, just listen to what others will have to express on the subject and you can sum up the discussion with a summary of whatever you have learned from the points shared by other participants.

Repeat the point expressed by someone else:

Even though, this is not an effective method, you can closely watch and use the point of some other candidate that was neglected as your ticket to enter. Generally, the views expressed by some candidates are neglected because they were not confident enough and this might have let the other person to cut him in the middle. So, when you follow this technique, use the same point, but with assertiveness as if it is an important point to consider.

Make friends and not enemies:

This means that you can agree with what others are expressing, rather than showing your disagreement. When you show your disagreement, you will have to give a clear reason for the same, which may be difficult for you as you are not aware of the niche.

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