Whats Next ??? for career growth

Whats Next ??? for career growth

What’s next??? This question arises in the mind of every individual even if he is a fresh graduate or those who are having working experience because every one needs to enhance his/her personality, develop their personality  the only answer to this question is MBA .

MBA-Master of Business Administration this degree is drives in the United States in the 19th century MBA program firstly established in 1908. The courses in an MBA program covers various area of business such as accounting, finance, marketing, human resources, and operations management in a manner most relevant to management analysis and strategy. MBA from one of the top B-Schools makes a difference within itself because holding an MBA degree from one of the renowned or top B-Schools will add a brand value to your career

MBA is highly recommended when an individual needs to step head in his/her career, wants to go for a high growth in their career may be professional growth or a self-oriented growth because it helps you to polish your skills in that particular area according to their own interest, so being fairly smart or hardworking is not enough you have to develop your interaction and intellectual skills also gaining a knowledge to deal with the management issues as well as applying them by challenging yourself everyday to achieve something good so go for MBA which provides you the big opportunity to enhance your skills improve your interaction and intellectual level and push yourself for the better improvement.

So many streams are there for MBA-Finance, Marketing, Human Resources, International Business, Operations, IT, Rural Management, Health Care Management and so on, Most demanding fields in today’s era are Marketing, Finance & HR, as of now there are various fields of expertise in various industries so if the individual is planning to became an entrepreneur or panning to achieve higher position in their career or want to increase his/her market value then they have to choose appropriate fields and can go for this specializations.

MBA in Health Care Management: If an individual wants to grow his/ her career in public health agency or in an insurance field, pharmaceuticals company or any medical facilities MBA offers you high level management degree.

MBA in Marketing:If you want to go for any advertising companies, marketing companies or in a public relation field so you have to learn good analytical skill and develop interpersonal skill MBA in marketing offers you to enhance your skills.

MBA in HR:If you have an interest in having good interaction skills and want to make this as your career then go for this specialization then MBA in HR offers you to develop you personnel communication skills with better opportunities.


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# Vivaan 2017-05-07
hii, I am from Tiruvallur, plz tell me what are the graduation options I can do in "medical field"
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# Shruti 2017-05-08
Hello, good to see that you are from Tiruvallur, in medical field, you can do MBBS, BDS, BHMS, BAMS, etc.
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