While preparing for MBA Interview

While preparing for MBA Interview

While preparing for MBA Interview

While preparing for MBA interview, trained you for best result. Following tips will be helping you in facing the interview perfectly.

Preparation of commonly asked question:

Most common question that interviewer must ask you to answer are describing your career plan and future goals, why an MBA and why an MBA from this school, what I can bring to the school community, specific examples of achievement. But preparing the answer of this question is not enough you have to train yourself to give natural, informative and confident answers. For this you should review your application thoroughly.

Confident is developed from knowledge. Prepare how you will want to convey your story, your career plan and your unique goals. Have answers for some of those tougher more specific questions, about a career change you made, why now is the best time for you to do an MBA, why you didn’t ask for a recommendation from your last job. Train yourself for explaining the aspect of your application that the school might be hung up on.

Practice before going for interview

Avoid giving mug up answer it will appear fake.  Interviewer wants genuine answers form you. Practice with your admissions coach and friends on mock interviews, practicing the common questions. Practise will develop confident in you and you able to answer in your words and this will help you to interact more with the interviewer. Goals and Motivations facts should be clear to you to have lively conversation with interviewer.

Give the genuine answer.

Most of time, Interviewees diverts from genuine answer just to impress the interviewer. Listen to interviewer ,what is really being asked, if you want some time for preparing the answer then ask the interviewer to give few minute.

Right Tone:

While giving answer to the question, right tone is very important. Conversation should not be cute or flippant responses nor should friendly. Humility always works better than arrogance. Best way to answer is to answer honestly and candidly, giving specific examples of character traits that you want to emphasize to the school. These might include relationship building, achieving objectives, influencing others, and should be identified well ahead of time.

Expect the unexpected questions

Sometimes interviewer asks unexpected questions. If this type situation happened, stay calm and answer confidently. Be ready for challenges. Some schools want to see your thinking ability and want to see how you react when you are directly challenged.

Ask questions:

Interview is conversation between two persons. Don’t end up the conversation by just giving answer to interviewer. Put your question to interviewer to continue interview.  Discuss special interests or community activities, and ask how the school could help you pursue them. You could ask about faculty research or the school’s approach in an area that concerns you. But this is risky part. If you ask negative question then it will difficult for you to manage. So beware and ask smartly.

Important thinks that can’t be avoided:

Arrive early at interview venue.  Looks also matter. Look presentable and dress in appropriate business attire. Following up with a thank you note is a nice touch, but again make sure to give a specific example of what you appreciated, not just generalities.

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