Who wants to be a teacher for the special students?
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Who wants to be a teacher for the special students?

Who wants to be a teacher for the special students?

When we talk about Teachers day, we must not forget that there are millions in our country, without the experience of being taught by a real teacher. I think it is without out any debate that millions of our brothers and sisters are languishing in their homes, because they have certain types of physical disability (ies) that come in their way of getting formal education. They remain as the subject of pity and mercy. Very few articles come from the scholars to encourage these huge numbers of special kids or their guardians and their friends, their acquaintances.

Finding these pitiable conditions, very few wish to get specially trained in any particular faculty. The reason is neither there are many opportunities for the special teachers, nor they are sufficiently paid. These two reasons are the really distracting factors for many, not to tread in this field.

A few initiatives have been taken up by the central governments, which have been percolated to IGNOU’s various programs. I have already written about this “special educational programs by IGNOU” in my earlier articles.

The problem of garnering sufficient numbers of interested students in the kitty of IGNOU remains an open secret. The openness of this secret is “what will happen” even if you are trained / educated by IGNOU? The secret is everyone knows it yet those who are in the field; they only muster some courage and take up the educational program, because they think of any sunny day to come, to exhibit their talents & calibers.

Who are eligible to be a teacher?

Before Rehabilitation Council Of India came into the picture during 1990s for making compulsory training for getting grant from the Government, there was no hard & fast rule for the special schools or NGOs to employ all the people, in search of a job, by offering a paltry amount and allowing them to be the teachers or trainers for the specially-abled or physically challenged students.

The role of “Sarva Siksha Abhijan” in the making of integrated education

As I was very much involved in the research study of the manpower development, for these special group of youngsters, I knew very well what are the consequences of these helpless numerous students. The teachers of course used to enjoy the monthly salary (although pitiable). Ultimately you can find hardly any specially-abled kid in any of these SSA schools.

Why the country is considering these potential groups as the liability not asset?

After discussing all the above, you can easily understand why we can’t make a very big chunk of our potential group as our asset.

Very few lucky specially-abled children get the fullest possible exposure to the educational facilities, whatever available for them.  Many NGOs are there in our country, which are actually shedding their “crocodile tears” to serve the languishing lot. These (barring a few) NGOs or institutes and rehabilitation centers actually plunder the public exchequer or private or corporate donations under the names of CSR or voluntary programs.

Why can’t we make this teachers’ day as the whistle blowing day for these special children?

May we all give a “clarion call in this special day” that we must come forward to educate our brothers & sisters with physical deficiencies and make the world know about their hidden qualities? Physically challenged luminaries are plenty in numbers around the world, but a few of them could be known by many of us.

Anyway, what we could not, let us not grumble, let us take strong determination  in this auspicious Teachers’ day that we can and we will educate our own challenged people, who can be contributors to our national exchequer, instead of being the parasites of our own society.

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# Rohan 2017-03-08
Hii, plz suggest me What higher studies options are available after completion of MBBS in Ganganagar?
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# Jagan 2017-03-09
On completion of MBBS, for being specialised in a specific field, candidate will have to take up MD or MS course in Ganganagar with appropriate specialization.
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