Why intelligence Test is Required in SSB interview
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Why intelligence Test is Required in SSB interview

Why intelligence Test is Required in SSB interview

What is intelligence?

Intelligence has been defined as an innate ability to solve problems.it has also been defined as “an inborn all round mental efficiency’. Further it has been defined as a general adaptability to know the problems and conditions of life. Still another definition asserts that it is an inborn mental efficiency or capacity to reach favourably a problem of an unfamiliar and novel nature.

Measurement of intelligence

Innate or inborn ability remains statics during a greater part of one’s life. Experiments have shown that intelligence reaches its climax around the age of twenty six. Not only does it grow but it also begins to declines during old age. Ways and means have been devised for measuring intelligence by determining the intelligence quotient.

Requirement of intelligence tests in SSB

  • A sufficient quantity of knowledge and intelligence is required to qualify SSB so a candidate has to go through the various intelligence tests.
  • And he supposed to clear these tests in a given time.
  • These tests are designed to measure candidate’s level of intelligence.
  • The basic purpose to measure one’s intelligence in SSB is to select candidates for services who conform to all parameters of an officer.
  • In defence services an officer is required to face critical situations in nature which not only involve his life but also the lives of all his circumstances.
  • Thus, he must possess a high level amount of intelligence.

Nature of intelligence tests

  • Intelligence tests differ from the normal essay type of tests. One does not have to make much use of acquired knowledge.
  • But has to draw upon one’s inborn intelligence or innate capacity to solve problems.
  • One is not required to write long answers but may be required to cross out the wrong answers out of the few suggested answers or put the serial number of the correct choice out of a few suggested choices.

Important things should be keep in mind

  • Listen all the instructions very carefully and try to understand every detail. If you have even a small doubt, you can have it clarified then and there.
  • If you do not know the answer to a question go away, do not stop to think. Leave this question and pass on the next.
  • When you have reached the end; you can refer back top to any unattemped questions and think of the answers.
  • Questions are written in a booklet which is handed over to the candidates. No mark is to be made on this booklet. No page is to be torn out of it. It has to be returned to the testing officers.
  • The candidate is also supplied with an answer sheet. He has fill in his personal participations on the top of this sheet before attempting to write the answers.
  • In the first sheet are given the serial numbers of questions. The answers are given in the second column.
  • There is very little time at the disposal of the candidates. He has to solve the maximum number of questions in the minimum time. A time saving devices has therefore been employed.

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