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Top Homeopathy Courses In India

Top Homeopathy Courses In Inida

Homeopathy is a healing technique based on the principle of 'let like be cured by like' which was coined by German physician Samuel Hahnemann in 1796. On a clearer note, it supports the belief that disease and remedy that have similar effects can countermand each other and restore health. The plus for Homeopathy is that it emphasizes on strengthening the body from deep within while curing the disease. Moreover, the remedies are free of pharmacological substances ergo don't cause any toxic side effects.

Due to its effective cures, holistic approach and low cost remedies, this alternative medicinal technique is gaining recognition not just in India, but across the globe as well. Aspiring students have to enroll themselves for a Bachelor of Homeopathic Medicine and Surgery (BHMS) degree course. The course duration is five and a half years wherein one year internship is also included.

During the course, students will be provided with an out and out knowledge of the homeopathic medication system. Students will be entitled to attend lectures, take practical and clinical tests and submit assignments on time. Exams take place at the end of each academic year.

Pretty much all major medical colleges offer BHMS degree and there are several specialized colleges dedicated to only courses in homeopathy. Just like all other courses related to medicine, BHMS aspirants have to appear for the All India Medical Entrance Examination for entry into the course. Minimum qualification for admission into BHMS course is 12th standard with a minimum of 50% in Biology, Physics and Chemistry as major subjects. Top colleges include Mahatma Gandhi Homeopathy College, Dr. J.k. Saikia Homeopathic Medical College, Mahatma Gandhi Homeopathy College, BA Dangar Homoeopathy Medical College.

BHMS entrance exam duration is three hours wherein students are required to attempt multiple choice type questions. Usually the question paper contains 200 multiple choice questions which are asked from subjects like biology, Chemistry, Physics and General Knowledge. Students must keep in mind that wrong answers are subject to negative marking in the exam.

Future prospects for homeopathy students are great as it is being used as an alternative to conventional treatment methods. There are plentiful job opportunities in government and private hospitals as well as research institutes for the BHMS degree holders. Apart from that, they can even start their own private practice after having a sufficient amount of work experience in hospitals. A career in homeopathy is more rewarding for those who practice in the western countries.

Aspiring students must review the colleges that ward BHMS degree and check whether it is an accredited one. Having a sensible approach is the key here. So, students must carefully review the college, course content, program requirements and eligibility criteria prior to applying to a college.