All about the Hospitality Related Career Questions and Answers

All about the Hospitality Related Career Questions and Answers

All about the Hospitality Related Career Questions and Answers

There is lot of scope for the hospitality sectors and even various jobs as well available. Each and every year the number of jobs goes on increasing.

There are various points that one need to know in the hospitality sector. As per the travel and tourism council the international tourism expenditure has now grown by 4% in the year 2016.  In the coming ten years the industry will now grow so that it can contribute nearly 72 million more jobs so that it can support more than 300 million jobs across the world.

There is always a lot of scope for the Hospitality industry there is lot of business in this industry especially in the areas like hotels and resorts, restaurants, food services, cruise ships and airlines. Apart from these there are also good jobs in theme parks, casinos, convention, event planning, sports management, tourist destinations and the attractions. There are various Hotel Management Colleges in India that provide these Courses.

Most of the students today are interested in joining the hospitality sectors. As there is lot of growth in the hospitality sector the demand for the well educated professionals in the hospitality sector increases.

From the past years there are even lots of hospitality management courses that have been introduced right from certificate, diploma, and undergraduate to postgraduate courses.

The student who takes up the culinary arts is basically passionately motivated and will become the chef or the chef owner of a restaurant.

The skills they acquire would enable them to just look at the operational side of the cuisine and baking and pastry but will also take care of the management aspect of business.

All one needs to do is concentrate on the subject matter and hence there is lot of career growth and job offers.

One need to be passionate about the job either working for 9 to 5 is not only the job but the candidate also should have good entrepreneurial mindset. Those who aspire to work in large corporate hotel chains one need to have good mind set.

The candidate should have have sound knowledge in finance management, social media, marketing, PR, Human resources etc.

And one thing that the candidate has to ensure is that guest satisfaction should always be at all the times.

The hospitality industry is the third largest industry where one can earn large amount of money.India has the second largest number of hotels under construction with 292 first class. The hotel projects under constructions includes the projects and these projects are from various companies such as Accor, Carlson Rezidor hotel group, fairmont raffles hotels international, hilton worldwide, hyatt hotels corp and Indian hotels Co.Ltd and all this runs the Taj Hotels.

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