Housekeeping (Hospitality Sector)

Housekeeping (Hospitality Sector)

Housekeeping (Hospitality Sector)

Have anyone wondered who is responsible for the elaborate flower arrangements or those chic curtains or that spotless window or even that painting you couldn't help but admire in the lobby of the hotel. Well it is the housekeeping staff. It is their duty to create the clean, comfortable and the appealing environment in the hotel. In order to make career in Hotel Management one has to study Hotel Management course and there are many top hotel management colleges in India that provide the best hotel management course and the course can be studies both through regular and Online.

In Housekeeping the staff is expected to maintain the standards of excellence in sanitation, comfort and the aesthetics at the hotel, including rooms, public areas, corridors, patio and the lawns.

They also need to follow the standard operating procedures for cleaning and maintain an inventory of furniture’s linen etc. For example each hotel might also have its own SOP on how to make the bed, which has to be strictly followed by itself. A room attendant might have to work on up to 20 SOPs in the day. However, housekeeping is not just about religiously following  SOPs."Every day, it is up us to do the same thing differently, so as to make every guest feel special and cared for.

Students with the degree in hotel management typically join as supervisors who are responsible for organizing, assigning and coordinating the work of the room attendants. There are many hotel management jobs in India. After the few years they might be promoted as Assistant managers, several of whom are supervised by the deputy managers.

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At the managerial level, one also needs to handle and groom the contractual staff such as cleaners and other manual labourers, look at induction of new employees, motive and the council staff and the supervise their disciplines and also conduct while ensuring the proper communication among them. Meetings are conducted early morning to brief the staff on their duties for the day and also to resolve any outstanding issues.

What you need to make the cut

First and foremost start from the scratch. Most of the youngsters today aspire to be the executive housekeepers, but they need to understand and be adept at the nitty-gritty of the job first. If you know how to scrub a tub, you would make the better manager, as you will not only respect the subordinates, but also know what to expect from them.

People friendliness is also important, since the Endeavour is to make every guest feel special. You need to be able to feel the pulse f your guests and gauge what they would need intuitively.

You need to go that extra mile and not justice what is expected of you. And for that you have to have passion for the work. Acute observation skills help. A knack for creativity is the plus be it deciding the flower arrangements, the decor of the lounge area or the upholstery.

High on the growth

Housekeeping is one of the fastest growing in the service sector. Growth is the performance based and the chances of the new trainee heading the department is the few years is much higher a compared to others. But the pay at the entry level is not lucrative. A room attendant might start from around Rs 10,000 per month while the supervisor might get  up to Rs 16,000 per month. The pay only rises as one rises up the ranks and may vary from luxury hotels to budget hotels to hospitals and company guest houses.

Challenging, yet satisfying

The biggest high is that of job well done an unparalleled sense of satisfaction and the achievement. When the guest appreciates your work or leaves a note behind the saying he would like to visit again. It might require you to do things that might seem to ridiculous to an outsider, like searching for the guest lost comb, but there's nothing that is more gratifying than a satisfied customer at the end of the day.

When the occupancy in a hotel or an office guest house goes up, it becomes a challenge to manage the guests, and if we have very few guests then the challenge for the housekeeping is how to generate more footballs.

Housekeeping is the job that includes cleaning rooms, making beds, ironing the bedding and general maintenance.


For one to be the Housekeeper you generally have to undergo training and in and in Malawi this is mainly done by the Malawi institute of technology

You can undergo a certificate course in housekeeping, which some combine with catering or food and beverage studies and also it takes less than a year. According to the information sourced from MIT, the requirements are that you have a Malawi school of certificate of education.

Some hotels and institutions pick housekeepers straight from the school especially those with the MSCE and other offer them on job training.


Salaries vary those housekeepers trained with MIT generally receive the good package which varies from institutions to institution. The starting salary is more than K15, 000 and in some institutions housekeepers receive more than K20, 000.

Reliable hotels, mostly those owned by the sunbird in Malawai, offer the best conditions for its employees. With the right qualification some housekeepers can rise to the position of senior housekeeper if you’re the supervisor and earn a monthly pay of over K50, 000 a month.


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